To maintain a healthy body, various types of nutrients are needed, such as vitamins, protein, calcium, zinc, potassium and magnesium. One of them is folic acid. The right amount of folic acid in the body helps treat folate deficiency. Folic acid is also called vitamin B9. Lack of folate in the body can cause many problems such as weakness, anemia, fatigue, irritability, anger, and shortness of breath. So at the same time the right amount in the body to solve this problem, as well as to keep the nervous system working properly, hemoglobin is the red blood cell and keeps the newborn and mother healthy during pregnancy. To overcome the deficiency in the body, you can include the things mentioned here in your diet. Brokley For folic acid, you can include broccoli in your diet. Broccoli will not only get rid of the folic acid deficiency in your body, but you will also get nutrients such as iron, vitamin B6, beta carotene, and vitamin K. Also read: Don’t eat non-vegetarian? So with the help of these things, solve protein deficiency


You can also get a lot of folic acid by eating avocados. Along with this, more nutrients like fiber, vitamin-A, vitamin-C, vitamin-E, vitamin-K and magnesium will also be available to your body.
gram Gram is also a better source of folic acid in the body. You can also get lots of protein, potassium, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, and iron by consuming grams. soy You can also consume soy to meet the amount of folic acid in the body. Along with folate from soybeans, iron, calcium and protein deficiencies in the body also occur. Also read: Include these affordable things in the diet for zinc needs in the body


If you include walnuts in your diet, these nuts not only meet the deficiency of folic acid in the body, but by consuming them you also get nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, iron and vitamins. You can also consume them At the same time, semolina, beets, bananas, green beans, papaya, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, beans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, seeds, sea food, eggs, peas, to meet the deficiency of folic acid in the body. corn, oatmeal, white rice, rajma, white pasta, citrus fruits, dried fruits, lentils and chicken can also be included in the diet. (Disclaimer: The information and information in this article is based on general belief. Hindi news18 does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant specialists before applying.)



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