Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Leaning Tower

Fortnite has recently released its new chapter and all the players are going crazy over the snow covered map. The map has been flipped and there are plenty of new locations, skins, and more for all players to discover. With that, there are plenty of skins and drop points that will make their entry into the new Chapter again.

The Tilted Towers was first seen in Fortnite Chapter 1 and was later destroyed at the end of the same chapter. It was one of the most popular drop points in Chapter 1. There are now rumors that Tilted Towers is making its grand entrance again in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

If you’re also trying to discover the leaning towers hidden on the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 map, check this out!

Are the leaning towers returning in Fortnite chapter 3?

Fortnite chapter 3 leaning tower

If you have explored the new map in Fortnite Chapter 3, then you must have found a tall building covered in snow. There are rumors among gamers on the internet that the hidden tall building is nothing more than Tilted Towers from Fortnite Chapter 1.

The Tilted Towers was one of the most popular and accessible drop points for most players. And there was a lot of chaos when it was destroyed in the same chapter. Since then, many requests have been sent to the developers to reintroduce it into the game.

So all players are assuming that their wish has come true and that Tilted Towers has returned to the new map. Although there is no official announcement or leak on the same, everything will become clear once the snow melts after the winter of 2021.

Until then, all players have no choice but to wait until January and enjoy the other things Fortnite Chapter 3 has to offer. With the release of the new patch, there are many glitches and cheats in the game that can help players get unlimited XP and level up faster in the game. Get your hands on everything before the problem is fixed!

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