Zaid, the son of actress Gauhar Khan, music composer Ismail Darbar, is ready to marry the court. The two will get married on December 25. The wedding rituals began. After turmeric, photos of mehndi ceremonies are now surfacing on social media. Gauhar Khan doesn’t really look like an angel. At the same time, sister Nigar Khan also came to attend the wedding from Dubai. During the Mehndi ceremony, Nigar wears a red colored lehenga, in which she is seen sporting mehndi on her hands. Nigar’s photo goes viral on social media.

Zaid and Gauhar are seen in yellow outfits. Apart from that, Ismail Darbar also joined the family in ceremonies. Happiness is clearly visible on everyone’s faces. Previously, Gauhar himself had shared a photo of the mehndi ceremony. He wrote in the caption: “Mehndi ki raat aaya, apni jaan, I want to thank my brother for giving me such a beautiful gift of life. I wore what I was given four years ago. You can’t come to my wedding, but your love is with me. On the big day of my life, I am proud of myself for wearing the gift you sent me.

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Photos and videos of Gauhar Khan’s ceremonies are going pretty viral on social media. According to sources, the wedding is scheduled to take place at the ITC Maratha hotel in Mumbai. At the same time, the two also had pre-wedding filming sessions at the Jadhavgarh Hotel in Pune. Recently, Gauhar also made public the digital wedding card of his marriage. The love story of the two was visible. The video tells the full story of their love affair at their wedding.

Explain that Gauhar and Zaid named their marriage #GaZa (Gaza). Apart from these photos, videos of “Gaza” Chixa (turmeric) ceremonies were also revealed, in which the two were seen dancing on the drum.



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