Onesumore: ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ Netflix Series: What We Know So Far

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone – Image: Getty Images

Netflix’s rich comedy library to add one more soon as Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy grow God’s favorite fool. The two are expected to star and produce the workplace comedy, while Falcone wrote the script for the series. Here’s everything we know so far God’s favorite fool season 1.

A real couple, Falcone and McCarthy have worked together on many projects, such as Bridesmaids, Tammy, Super intelligence, and The boss. The couple have also completed production on their upcoming Netflix movie. Thunder force which also stars McCarthy.

God’s Favorite Idiot will be directed by Michael McDonald who has collaborated with McCarthy and Falcone on productions such as The Boss, Nobodies, Spy, The Heat and more. The series will come from production company Falcone and McCarthy On The Day, which has worked on projects such as The boss, Tammy and Superintelligence.

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Stars and producers Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy with director Michael McDonald. Photo credit: Tara Mays

What is the plot of God’s favorite fool?

Netflix God’s favorite fool is described as a ‘workplace comedy’, all of its actors being colleagues from the same company. The series is believed to blend comedy, casual workplace humor, biblical imagery, and fantasy elements. Unfortunately, no other plot details are known for the comedy series outside of the official synopsis:

Mid-level tech support worker Clark Thompson (Falcone) finds love with coworker Amily Luck (McCarthy) at the same time he becomes God’s unwitting messenger. There’s also roller skating, a lake of fire, and a looming apocalypse.

Who is thrown God’s favorite fool?

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As mentioned above, the two main threads for God’s favorite fool are Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. Falcone is set to play tech support clerk Clark Thompson, who falls in love with his co-worker, McCarthy’s Amily Luck. They will be joined by Yanic Truesdale (Gilmore girls), Usman Ally (68 Whiskey), Ana Scotney (Educators), Chris Sandiford (What we do in the shadows) and Steve Mallory (The boss). All will play the colleagues of Amily and Clark.

Here are the character descriptions for the supporting cast. via deadline. Unfortunately, such descriptions for the main duo are lacking.

Ana Scotney will play Wendy. In a nutshell, Wendy is a giver – gifts, advice, and whatever else she thinks could help another person. And while her attempts to console others often miss their mark, the group relies on Wendy’s empathy to guide them on the right path.

Chris Sandiford plays Tom. Tom is the resident insecurity mug of Arrresta Tech. Tom is as fiercely loyal as he is irritating, and exactly the kind of courageous and unwavering friend that any divine quest requires.

Usman ally will be Mohsin Raza. Mohsin chose a life of integrity over financial success or a position of leadership. When Clark draws his friends into a celestial battle, Mohsin must harness his true potential to save not only his friends, but the world.

Steve mallory will portray Frisbee. Frisbee is a low level middle manager. His complete lack of authority does not dilute his dedication to the pecking order and platitudes of modern office life. For Frisbee, “work hard or work barely” deserves real thought.

Meanwhile away from the office Yanic Truesdale plays Chamuel. Chamuel is the newcomer to town. In fact, he’s the city’s new lower-ranking divine archangel, and if it weren’t for a cataclysmic conflict tearing heaven and earth apart, he would try the nachos in that mall kiosk.

How many episodes and seasons God’s favorite fool have?

Netflix has ordered 16 episodes for God’s favorite fool, but it’s unclear how they plan to release them. They could shoot and release all 16 episodes at a time, but we bet the first 8 episodes would make season 1, and the rest would be season 2 of that series. It is also unclear whether the episodes will last an hour or a half hour, as the latter length is more common in comedy series.

What is the production status of God’s favorite fool?

No date is currently set for God’s favorite fool to go into production, but we expect that to change in a few months.

When God’s favorite fool be released on Netflix?

Given the likely start of production in 2021, it’s reasonable to assume that the new comedy series will premiere on Netflix sometime in 2022.


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