Gravity की खोज किसने की ? पूरी जानकारी

Hello friends, welcome to this blog of ours, friends, through today’s article, I am going to share with you some extrajankari about the force of gravity i.e. invention of gravity.

Friends, a story is used to bring science to the common people, like Isaac Newton solved the mysteries of gravity by the fall of the apple,

Gravitational force is the force of attraction between any two substances, objects or particles. Gravitational force is not only the force of attraction between Earth and objects, but it exists between every substance or object in the universe.

Who discovered Gravity? complete information

Friends, Isaac Newton had told his contemporary scientist William Stukeley about the discovery of his gravity, and the details written by him are considered to be reliable evidence of this event, Stukeley wrote a biography of Newton and discussed about his apple and gravity. had written to

The manuscript was made public on the website this year on the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society of Britain.

Friends, the event to find out Newton’s theory of gravity, is 350 years old, in the middle of the year 1660s, according to William, one day in the spring of the year 1726, Newton gave him this event in the shade of an apple tree. Told about it, Newton was sitting and thinking, when an apple fell.

So he thought that why this apple fell straight, why did not it fall side-by-side or above, it means that the earth is pulling it towards itself.

, then Newton was studying at Cambridge University at that time, Newton came home after the university was closed due to the outbreak of plague, Newton told Stuckley that the way he was sitting under the tree that day when the apple fell, I told many things about him. Thought of things

What are true? Sev Falling Story:

Friends, according to Keith Murr, who was the head of the Royal Society on this, this is just a story, which has been done to make people understand about gravity,

Friends Newton has never written anything about it, but when he was a bit old, he had mentioned about it, by the way friends, what do you think, tell us by commenting in the comment box:

What are Newton’s Laws of Gravitation:

The force of attraction acting between any two bodies is directly proportional to the product of the objects and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them, assuming two bodies whose mass m-1 and m-2 are located at a distance R of each other, then Newton According to the law of attraction, the force of attraction between them F=G M1 M2/R2, which is called universal gravitation.

Who was Sir Isaac Newton?

Newton was one of the greatest physicists and mathematicians of all time. He propounded the laws of motion, discovered the universal law of gravity and laid the foundation of a new branch of mathematics – calculus. Newton has also made a great contribution in optics.

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