There is good news The school will open soon. NCERT has published guidelines on this.

There is good news The school will open soon. NCERT has published guidelines on this. A major step has been taken in the direction of the reopening of schools for coronaviruses. NCERT has submitted its guidelines to the government. By virtue of this, it was said that the education process will start with the opening of the school and what to keep in mind for children, parents and teachers.

The studies will start in these six phases
1. The 11th and 12th grades will start in the first phase.
2. One week after that, the ninth and tenth classes will begin.
3. In the third phase, classes from VI to VIII will start after two weeks.
4. After three weeks, studies will begin from the third to the fifth.
5. The fifth phase will be the start of the first and second classes.
6. In the sixth phase, Kindergarten and KG classes will start after five weeks with parental approval. However, schools in the containment zone will remain closed until they become green zones.

These measures will be adopted
– A distance of 6 feet between the students in the class will be necessary. There will be 30 or 35 children in a room.
– The doors and windows of the classroom will be open and the air conditioning will not be able to work.
– Children will be called on an aud-even basis, but homework must be given daily.
– Do not change the child seat, the name will be written on the desk. I have to sit there every day.
– After the start of lessons, every two weeks, you will have to talk to the parents about the child’s progress.
– It will be the job of the management to ensure that the rooms are sanitized daily. There will be no events like the morning assembly and the annual function.
– Screening of students and staff will take place before admission to the school. No food stand will be set up outside the school.
– Children will be prohibited from sharing copies, pens, pencils or food. Children should bring their own water.
– Each child will need to wear a mask. The child’s parents will be notified if the school does not support social distancing.

These things will also need to be taken care of
– Parents linked to medical, safety or hygiene work must inform the school in advance.
– Only parents who are not able to contact by phone will be allowed to meet the teachers.
– The parent-teacher meeting will not take place. The transport guidelines will be published shortly.
As for the inns, there will be bets at a distance of six feet.


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