GTA 4 A Revenger tragedy helicopter bug fix

GTA 4 offers you two options when you reach the climax and enter the last mission. It gives you two options to choose between the type of ending that you would like to choose. You can go for a revenge ending or you can go for the end of the deal. In both endings you have to chase down the main GTA antagonist Dimitri and kill him to finish the game.

There are many GTA 4 players who experience an error here and cannot complete the last mission even after several attempts.
If you are also facing the same bug or problem in GTA 4 A Revenger Tragedy mission while getting on the helicopter, here is a solution for you.

How to fix the error of not being able to enter helicopter in GTA 4?

GTA 4 A Revenger tragedy helicopter bug fix

‘Out of service’ or ‘The tragedy of the avenger’ In both types of endings, players face an error when they try to get on the helicopter and cannot complete the mission. This error usually occurs due to low FPS settings on your device or Affinity set on your PC.
To fix GTA 4 Revenger’s Tragedy helicopter bug, follow the steps written in the guide below to complete the mission in one go without falling off the helicopter.

Fix ‘Set Affinity Settings’

To set the CPU affinity on your PC, follow the steps given below and fix the helicopter bug from GTA 4 A Revenger tragedy.

  • Get to the part where you have to jump and get into the helicopter in GTA 4.
  • Once you arrive, pause the game and press Alt + Tab and right click on the taskbar.
  • From the list of options, click on ‘Task Manager’
  • Then right click on “GTA.exe” and click on “Set CPU Affinity”
  • A new box will appear with various CPU options, uncheck all options and click the OK button to set the affinity.
  • Go back to the game and restart it again. The error will be solved and you will be able to finish GTA 4 this time without falling from the helicopter.

Change the frame rate or FPS

If you are playing GTA 4 on XBOX or XBOX one, you may run into this error due to higher FPS or frame rate. To fix the bug on XBOX, change your FPS preference from the settings menu to run at the required FPS.

This is everything you need to know about GTA 4 A Revenger’s Tragedy Helicopter Bug Fix. Click the link for more guides on GTA!

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