Halo Infinite Collectibles Guide: How To Get Skulls And Audio Logs

Halo Infinite is the latest installment in the Halo franchise, and it brings the open world to the series. Being the first open world game in the series, Halo Infinite has many side missions, weapons and items to collect and achievements to achieve. With so many items to collect, we made a list of all the collectibles and how to get them. Let’s see how to get all the skulls, logs, and files in Halo Infinite.

All Halo Infinite collectibles

  • Banished Audio Records
  • Spartan cores
  • Skulls
  • Mjolnir lockers (players can get cosmetics here that can be used in the multiplayer section)
  • UNSC audio logs
  • Propaganda towers
  • Forerunner files

All the files mentioned above are scattered throughout the game and each one can help you unlock an achievement or complete a level.

Halo Infinite collectibles on every level

Ringfall Collectibles

  • 3x audio record banished
  • 1x Mjolnir locker
  • 4x UNSC audio log
  • 3x spartan core
  • 2x skull

Lock Collectibles

  • 8x Spartan cores
  • Locker 5x Mjolnir
  • 3x Banished Audio Records
  • 12 UNSC audio registers
  • 2x skulls
  • 5x propaganda towers
  • 2x Precursor Artifacts

Collectible Connections

  • 10 Banished Audio Records
  • 14x Mjolnir lockers
  • 2x skulls
  • 14x Spartan lockers
  • 2x Precursor Artifacts
  • 26 UNSC audio registers
  • 18x Propaganda Towers

Cemetery Collectibles

  • 4x Propaganda Towers
  • 1x Mjolnir locker
  • 5x Spartan cores
  • 3x Banished Audio Records
  • 5 UNSC audio registers

Reform collectibles

  • 8 Banished Audio Records
  • 13 Mjolnir lockers
  • 4x skulls
  • 15x Spartan cores
  • 3x artifacts
  • 25 UNSC audio records
  • 13x propaganda towers

Reckoning Collectibles

  • 3 UNSC audio registers
  • 1x Banished Audio Records
  • 1x skulls
  • Endless collectibles
  • The final bandana skull

All achievements are unlocked by collecting items in Halo Infinite

  • Canon Collector: Unlocked by collecting all UNSC audio logs
  • Dispatches from the front: Unlocked when collecting the first UNSC audio record
  • Know your enemy: Unlocked by collecting all Banished Audio Logs
  • Two sides of every story: Unlocked by collecting the first Banished Audio Record
  • Rubicon protocol: Unlocked by collecting all Spartan Audio logs
  • Infinity down: Unlocked by collecting Spartan’s first audio log
  • Haruspis: Unlocked by scanning all Forerunner artifacts
  • Eld Hobbyist: Unlocked by scanning the first Forerunner artifacts
  • Catacomb: Unlocked by obtaining all Skulls
  • Willful: Unlocked by obtaining the first skull

This was the complete Halo Infinite achievements and collectibles guide to help you unlock all achievements in the game.

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