Tiwari worried and worried about finances, Anguri goes to him, Tiwari asks him if he sees any effect of Rampal’s suggestion that they follow, Anguri says and does not receive a call from Amaji. , Angoori says she is very upset and won’t insult Dadu again, Ammaji says you cry later and that is why there is no result, now listen carefully if you want children then stop feeling guilty. Tiwari tells Anguri that we must keep insulting Daddu while we have children.

TMT discusses where to find old people, Master goes to them and says it is urgently needed, Malkan says we are busy please wait, I will call you, Malkhan says I think that Bhurilal is upset. Teka says, but when we ask he refuses, Tilu says something like fishu, Vibhu comes in and says I’m asking for help from an old man, Tillu says we are here for you, Master. Come in and I say, Teka says let’s wait, we’re busy, Vibhu says his Bhorilal, Tilu says I knew why he doesn’t say to himself, Vibhu says he should be treated badly And I want you to talk to Angoori and Tiwari, TMT we go.

Tiwari asks what Angoori cooked, Angoori says no, I won’t want to cook for you, Anguri says until I apologize to Dadu, Tiwari says he is not worried about this topic Will Vibhu take care of them. TMT comes in and says we are NGOs and we are old people whose children harass them and don’t give them food, and complain about them and send them to jail. Anguri asks why you are here, Tikha says we have information that you are harassing Bhurilal, Tiwari says we respect our elders, Malkan asks if Anguri is true, Anguri Tiwari, Tiwari sees Vibhu and Bhurilal outside the house , Vibhu said they will rest. About them, Bhorilal says you are cheating on me, his luck is my fate, Vibhu said to calm down. Tilu tells Angoori not to be afraid, Anguri says we respect our elders and he is my father and I love him very much, Malkhan says I think we should go, we have There is misinformation, Teka says let’s go.

TV show

TMT told Bhorilal and Vibhu that Tiwari is not behaving indecently and if they do, go to our NGO. Vibhu says I will sue this Tiwari. Vibhu says Uncle Seeman had a drink.

Tiwari talks to himself and says Dadoo I don’t want to behave badly, but Ama and Pandit Rampal do to us. Tiwari says Bhorilal, I think the wine was imported and the wood, Bhurilal asks where my ankle is, Tiwari says you don’t have a standard for drinking imported alcohol, Angoori for Tiwari Get Paneer Pakora, Bhurilal asks and i’m very happy for starving myself, Tiwari says feed him tomorrow, Angoori asks Dadu not to drink, Dadoo says i think so, but Anguri says it gives him a local mark. Bhurilal says bring a drink, Tiwari says that now you are going to have a drink, then eat, ask someone to dance, like that to drink, Bhurilal say that I will be clean and sit down, Tiwari tell him Humiliated and have them asked to sit down, Bhurilal says I’m going to the garden, I carry this insult, Anguri starts crying again after he leaves.

Dancing and drinking wine in NGO TGT, Tartha says this NGO’s work is not easy, says Malkan but we get respect, Vibhu comes in and asks if you did my job, Tarka asks if it’s what work, said Vibhu, Bhorilal Chacha, said Tillu, Vibhu said no atrocity has increased and now let’s attack Tiwari, Sharp says it’s an NGO, let’s talk, Vibhu says let’s go.

Bhorilal talks to Shanno on call and flirts with her, TMT goes to him and says that Vibhu educated us and we have to face Tiwari, shout loud bell and electric shock, Tiwari opens the door, TMT scolds him for misbehaving with Bhorilal, Tiwari says everything is wrong, Tilu warns Tiwari, Tiwari starts to kill him, Bhurilal makes fun of him and asks him to find an NGO for himself Huh.


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