Actress and politician Sonali Phogat, who recently entered Bigg Boss-14, has shed some light on beating a government official with slippers. Sonali Phogat said in an interview with the Hindustan Times that the case is still in court. It would therefore be contempt of court to comment on that. He said if someone violates a woman’s dignity, I will always fight. I’m always ready for it. I come from the field of social service. If I couldn’t protect myself, how could I protect other women? When it comes to fighting for your dignity or someone else’s rights, I’m always up for it.

Regarding the entry into Bigg Boss, Sonali Phogat said that I am not only a leader but also an artist. It’s the number one real estate show in the country and everyone loves it. When I was asked to join him, I felt there couldn’t be a better show than this. Regarding mutual instigation and comments on the Bigg Boss contenders, Sonali Phogat said if someone insults someone, it should be answered. It is national television. If anyone is trying to tarnish the image of a woman, they have to get the answer. I’ve always had a habit of opposing bad things.

On the question of how the real estate show affects political career, he said that will not happen. Sonali said: “I have been in politics for 12 years and have fought a lot. Bigg Boss works by certain rules and if people follow it I don’t think it will have any negative effect on my career. I too have to show dignity in this game. Bigg Boss is a show where if you play well and keep the audience entertained, people like you. This will make your chart go up, not down. ‘

Who does she see as a threat to herself in Bigg Boss? Regarding this, Sonali said that in this game everyone is a threat to others. So far, everyone, including Nikki Tamboli, Rubina Dilac, Ejaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya, have performed well. I don’t think I should be targeting just one person. I want to play with everyone.



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