How to force an action star to play the role of an ordinary man, where he has to use his fists, but not like an action star, while still being believable

It’s a dilemma that Khuda Hafiz works as a software engineer in Lucknow and works seriously for a living and desperately searches for his missing wife in a fictional Middle Eastern country named Noman. Like a jamla snap between husbands.

It had the potential to turn it into a rescue mission between a vicious gang of meat merchants and good guys, but the movie feels dated, and two hours older is too long.

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Newly married Sameer (Jamwal) and Nargis (Oberoi) find a job in Noman through an agent (Sharma, efficient), who looks so purposeful that you immediately know he’s a badass. The United Nations. Of course, it doesn’t occur to the couple that there is anything wrong with all of this, because it is that type of movie.

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This is what we get: a Pathan (Kapoor) cab driver as Sameer’s savior, a character we had seen once before. A violent but helpless officer of the Indian mission. Some enthusiastic local lawmakers (Pandit and Kumra) follow Samir’s journey as he encounters a vicious brothel and his henchmen in search of the Pine King. And the beautiful place in Uzbekistan, where most of the movie takes place: some of the desert and sea scenes are really beautiful.

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But every time the movie hits the screen, when Jamwal leaves, he sees a crying woman or scenes where she must be emotional. We’re interested in a pair of striking choreographed fight and chase scenes, especially one in which Jamwal is ready to be shoved into the ground with a whole swarm of armed hallways.

Pandit and Kumra, both capable, are made to speak with a strong “Arabic” accent, with no way of slipping. Kapoor is the only one to enter this universe, his dialogue-delivery (ise jis karej ho, pathan uko apna phanta mant, tumha hai lagna hagi, momin ko imana hai ‘, and so on). The rest is squeaky and cartoonish.

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