After listening to Preeta and Rudra’s plan, Yuvraj says Sharan isn’t sure about fame. Preisha says that is why, they need his help to save Mahima from Sarish. Yuvraj thinks Mahima persuaded him too, what will he do if she snatches his ATM in Sarsangh from him. He tells Rudra that he’s ready to help Sarnesh, but needs some money to spend on the plan. Rudra agrees and warns her that this is just a play and that she shouldn’t dare to touch Preisha, otherwise he will kill her. Yuvraj agrees but thinks he’s going to hang on to Preisha. Out of the flashback, Preisha thanks Yuvraj for his help. Yuvraj holds his hand and says anything to him. He breaks free and asks why he put his hand on Preisha’s waist during the fake marriage. Yuvraj says he did it to make the marriage real, even Rudra touched Mahima’s hand. Rudra repeats that if he touches Preisha again, he will kill her. Yuvraj says that if he touches Preisha, she will slap him herself because she has become the slap queen; Think he won’t lose a chance to touch her. Preisha asks Rudra to forget about the madman. Yuvraj recalled that her fake husband had received his fake divorce papers. Preisha goes into a flashback where she gets a signature on the divorced papers and asks Rudra if they are doing it right. Rudra assures that their divorce is fake and even the marriage will be fake so that Mahima can be duped and Sharan can be saved from her. Out of the flashback Rudra asks Preisha if her cheek hurts after Mahima slaps her, she wants to throw Mahima right there. Preisha says it’s okay because Sharada Maa also slapped her. He rubs his cheeks. Yuvraj at least tells him to stop showing his PDA. Sharada calls Rudra and informs him that Mahima is waiting by the door and only wants to execute Graha Praveen with her. Rudra disconnects the call, saying he’s coming and tells Preisha that they somehow have to deal with Sharan now. Preisha says that she knows how to deal with her son, now she will go home because her parents will be waiting for her. Yuvraj held his hand and said that we should also go because he should also have severe pressure. Rudra warns him not to touch his wife.


Rudra comes home and says they know the reason for this marriage, so Grave Praveen’s performance doesn’t make sense, they just need to think about how to deal with Rudra now. He walks without serious pressure. Mahima says she is right. Ahana screams why everyone is so upset about Saranash, she is just a kid and they should slap her and control her. Sharada stops her and takes her inside. Mahima takes a bowl of rice and proves Grave herself and thinks her plan was successful after her hard work, now Sharan is just her son and her trustee, the amount of her crores will be hers, besides having Rockstar Rudraksha. Khurana; Now he no longer has to keep the rich for money. She remembers seeing a photo of Rudra, Preesha and Sarvansha in the newspapers conquering a wealthy man and reading the news that Preisha married rockstar Rudraksh Khurana and adopted her adopted son Saransh, now Preesha receives Suresh every month. Will get 50 lakhs from the trust fund, they believe she is Sarsangh’s real personality. Mother and this money should be found. Out of the flashbacks, she believes she intended to step into Sharanesh’s life as a birth mother that day, but before having to erase all the evidence against her, she burned Hospitala herself. She recounts the incident where she sneaks into the hospital, hides it and burns it. She thinks that now he will give Preisha a false story and involve her in his plan. She will execute her next plan and do what she came to do.


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