The episode begins with Kairav ​​playing Riddhima. Naira says Karthik met us first. Riddhima says I have Carav’s favorite cake. Kairao says my favorite cake is made by mom, I love Yummy Jelly Cake, she is the best. Riddhima is depressed. Naira asks him to try the cake first. Karthik says we’re both going to cut the cake. Kairao says first, sorry Karthik mom’s cake Riddhima, Kairavat is excited and forget about me too, kids are like that, you know that you are a mom and also a counselor. Karaiv, Karthik, and Naira cut the cake and smiled. Naira gave Riddhima a chocolate cake. Luv and Kush say we should be thinking about our line too.

Surekha says what to think, start her duties from tomorrow. Kush says that we are not interested in the jewelry line, but like hospitality, hospitality. Surekha tells him well, you can do whatever you want. Kush says we’ll take Naqsh’s advice and then decide. She says it’s good. Manish says it’s better, you’ve chosen the right person for your career, that will be perfect. Love welcomes them. They go. Manish says what we think and what happened, I thought they would handle the business with Karthik and then we would retire, but Karthik and Naira left the house, I think they kept the family together , all. Something has collapsed. Surekha says Gayu was right, even I can’t take it anymore.

Karthik says it’s very good, I really like the cake, Riddhima. Riddhima smiles. Kairao says we are going to take the cake to Aurai and tell her that Mum has come, she doesn’t need to cook for us. Karthik says he’s fine, he’s not home, we’ll meet him when he comes. Kairao says I like her very much, I haven’t seen her, she cooks delicious food, we will meet her. Kairava takes Akshu and leaves. Naira says Riddhima, your case is successful, get some candy. Karthik says you can take any other case, Kairao has been cured. Riddhima drops the plate and says sorry. Karthik says okay, it’s a cake, not a big deal.

Manish asks Naksh what he’s looking for. He sees a photo of Karthik, Naira and Kairav. He says it’s weird, it looks like they met after a long time. Naksh says no, he sent dad a similar selfie earlier. Manish says I came to talk about Luv and Kush they want your advice. Naksh says I’m here to help. Akhilesh says Karthik is not there and Naksh handled him soon, our sons are very good. She says Luv and Kush are our sons. She argues with him. He moves away.


Karthik comes and asks if I will help you, Akshu is sleeping, Kavya is with Riddhima. He flirts with Naira. He tells her to knead the dough. Day and night……. He kneads the dough. They have a moment. She cried happily. They say when I didn’t say anything sadly because of Karv, then anymore, I don’t see the tears in your eyes anymore, smile now, otherwise my life… He stops her. He hugs her. Riddhima looks like. FB shows her husband scolding her and says I’m going to make your life hell, cry your whole life. FB ends.

Karaiv tells Naira to come. Karthik cleans his hand. Riddhima continues to cry. Karthik says I’m going to ask Riddhima if she’s going to have some juice. He’s going to give a glass of juice. She cries and hugs him. Naira looks shocked. He says I’m your friend, you can tell me what happened, everything is fine. Sudha asks if you’re not ashamed to kiss someone’s husband. She asks Naira to say something, this doctor was treating the son and contacted his father. Riddhima says sorry Naira, I am moved to see Kavya. Sudha says don’t trust her, she looks smart, keep an eye on her. Naira says to come and have lunch. Riddhima asks if you are upset. Naira says let go. Riddhima leaves. Karthik says she was crying, I tried to ask. Naira says relax. He says I don’t want to get me wrong. She says I don’t get me wrong. Kairav ​​calls them.

Surekha says that on the first day for Luv and Kush’s office, I had to do something special for them. She sees Naksh having lunch and Luv and Kush working. She says she enslaved my sons. He gives in to Tiffin Peon and leaves. Naksh says I’m with lunch, you’re going to eat, come back to work. Love says we know we will work with you and learn. The coward says you stay in our building, I saw you, there was a child in your house. Karthik says she was Siya, she is everyone’s favor, it’s Sudha Mausi, she works in Ai’s house. Everyone sits down for lunch.


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