The episode begins with Pragya asking Abhi if he marries Meera after seeing the wedding card. Abhi says you wanted to marry Meera and I know you hate me. Pragya says I thought… Abhi asks if you think the mail will come here. He says very few people see their wishes come true. Pragya thanks her and says that she never thought that she would personally come to offer him this precious gift, calling him Mr. Mehra. Abhi calls Pragya Ji and asks her to come. She says she will come dance until he passes out. Abhi asks her to dance for their engagement. He leaves. Pragya thinks how can he do that? Sarita Behan listens to them. Prachi comes to Abhi and asks why are you doing this to mom? She says she thought you would come someday. Abhi says why am I coming? He says I found you and your mom everywhere and said if your mom had looked up my name on the net she would have known all my addresses. He says he is getting married because of Pragya, Riya and Prachi. He leaves.

He bends down and cries while holding his photo, then throws his photo and wallet on the road. He sits down in the car again. Hola plays Halla…. Pragya cries and tears up the map, then burns it. Abhi returns and finds her wallet on the road. He finds her and leaves. Pragya throws in the ashes and throws in the trash.

Prachi returns to Sarita Behen and says that Papa said he was marrying Aunt Meera because of Riya and me. Sarita said Riya is arrogant, but when she says anything to you, you respond to her verbally and you won’t be silent. Prachi says that cannot be the reason. Sarita Behen says she made this decision because of you two. Prachi thinks she will talk to the mother and go see him.


Aaliya asks Meera to place the order and not to take the order. Meera says I like to do this. Aaliya thinks she asked the bowl to get the donation. Abhi comes home and reveals that she invited Pragya for her engagement and wedding, and reveals that the special guest is Pragya. He tells Meera to take care of Pragya. Riya asks why you called her? Abhi says I don’t want to end his hopes. Riya doesn’t want Pragya to stay there. Alia says this is the correct answer for Prachi, now you can tell him that you now have a mother. Mithali says our job has become easier now. Aaliya says seriously that I’m afraid they’ll shoot again. She says that Pragya will feel that the brother always wanted to marry Meera and that he will convince her. Mithali asks until you lie. Aaliya says until Pragya leaves here. Mithali prays for Abhi and Meera’s wedding.

Prachi comes to Pragya and says that you always said my dad is the best dad in the world and you respect her a lot. Pragya says they have been confused for 20 years now. She says she was sometimes very loved and sometimes hated. Dadi arrives and tells Pragya to stop Abhi. Pragya says it happens. Dadi says this is Daljit’s wish. Pragya says we cannot unite, it is our destiny. She says she’ll be happy to attend their wedding and asks him if he wants candy. Grandma says candy is poison for them. Pragya hugs her and cries.

Ranbir tries to cook Pallavi and teases her. He says I love you. Pallavi thanks her and falls asleep. Aryan comes to Ranbir and asks where did you go? Ranbir says he went for a walk and forgot to tell her. He says that when he sees Prachi in the store, he relaxes and sees a lot of love in her eyes. She says she misses me and says that when I tell her that I want to break up with her, she will be very hurt and then I can’t stand it. He says anger can happen once, but the pain always remains. He says he can’t tell her why his mom is, so now he will hate Prachi so much that he takes two steps back and hates her. Aryan asks: do you know what you are saying? Ranbir says he has decided. Aryan says that now you want Prachi to hate you. Pallavi cries after hearing their conversation and walks into the room. She tells Vikram that Ranbir loves her very much and that is why Prachi hates her. Vikram says that you cannot stand their pain, so forget about the condition and marry Prachi for their happiness. Pallavi asks how should I let her go to Prachi. Vikram says that even after marrying Prachi, he will stay with you. She says you didn’t hear from Alia say that Pragya ruined Abhi’s life when she walked into her life and made everyone dance to her tune.


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