Kundali Bhagya TV Show Update Upisode 23 December 2020 Preeta and Karan come into the party, they are greeted by the staff and they finally sit down at their table, then the ceremony begins, the hosts say they are recording the ceremony, whoever gets it wants it can take them , he advises. all husbands applaud. If they love their wives, he jokes that maybe it’s because they are afraid of her, and then he explains that sometimes they don’t cook properly if they are mad at their husbands.

Preeta asks Karan to be reassured as he is not mean and never hides the TV remote while he watches on which Karan explains that it is because he plays cricket and does not watch it, Karan explains how he is like any other woman. While he hides the remote in the air conditioner, they are talking when Karan sees a man constantly looking at Preeta, he gets tired and tells Preeta. She claims she will come back but he stops her, to which he convinces her that he shouldn’t, love her so much that she can’t even live for a moment without him, Mahira and Bumps Sherlyn, but does not recognize them.

Update of the episode written in series Zee TV Kundali Bhagya December 23, 2020

After the stranger explains to him that he is a big fan and that he loves to meet, Karan explains that he doesn’t like her because the girl he is looking at is his wife, with the man stating that he has no intention. Because she knew Preeta and many men wanted to marry her but never had the strength to speak with her, Mahira lashes out at the man for praising Preeta, then she pushes him on purpose. Hai and then they are concerned about Karan because they don’t apologize after killing them both.

Shrishti and Sameer walk into the station, Sameer reveals the driver was assaulting her and would even go along with whatever they say, Shrishti reveals that is the case with her and anything in her life He’s the one who works with her and it makes sense to her. Aura, they both arrive at the reception, then inquire about room 501, the receptionist mistakes her for a local reporter, to whom Shrishti explains that is not the case because Karan is her brother-in-law and therefore she is his half-wife, the receptionist says that she is his biggest fan and that she can have the same relationship with Srishti by becoming his sister, Srishti grabs Sameer Hai and they both run towards the room , she calls security in a panic, but the guard explains that Karan is gone so there is nothing to fear for the dance hall.

Kundali Bhagya TV Series Update December 23, 2020

Sherlyn brings Mahira into the room, she asks what Mahira wanted to do as she deliberately punched the person while praising Preeta, Mahira says she can’t stand it and she feels like Preeta must have l ‘engage to tell all these things to Karan, Sameer. He then watches them shoot Sriti at which she shouts, after hearing the voice Mahira is sure Shrishti is with them, Sherlyn is not sure to say that it can never happen, Sameer gets nervous. On which Shrishti feels she has never been afraid.


Sameer reveals that he never wants them to know that they came to the station, Srishti says they both should be afraid, to which Sameer explains that if they find out that they are both in the station. station, they change their plan. Will, whom they don’t want, Sharleen informs Mahira that she should focus on her plan because when done she will be Karan’s wife, Srishti and Sameer will decide to inform Preeta of her plan. .

The waiters serve a dinner for Preeta, although she asks him to serve some time later, Karan takes the person to meet Preeta but he does not recognize her, he reveals that he is the grandson of Mr. Mehra from Nashik . Hai, Preeta is filled with happiness then inquires about her health and asks Mr. Mehra to say that he asked for it, he asks them to take him with his dinner.

The host explains that it’s time for the main event of the night which is a paper dance and the rule is they have to get close to the newspaper and now they will see who wins the contest, the host mentions that Karan Luthra is their special guest and They know how well he plays cricket, but they have to see how well he dances, Karan asks why he is laughing and warns him to dance well because he is losing. Not sympathetic, Karna receives a call that she must leave, Srishti and Sameer tell Preeta what Sherlin and Mahira are planning, they tell her not to worry as they will take care of both Mahira and Sherlyn. Karan asks who he was talking to but Preeta refuses to tell him.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update on December 23, 2020 ends


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