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Health Rules In Hindi

health rules in hindi In today’s hectic life, our daily routine has completely changed. This changed routine is having a bad effect on our health. But have you ever tried to know about the mistakes related to your daily routine? If not, then let us tell you about some such everyday health-related mistakes, which can become a problem for you in the future.

Make sure you have breakfast.

Knowing that breakfast keeps us energized throughout the day, most of us do not have breakfast in a hurry to go to office, school or work. But doing so is not good for health at all. Never skip breakfast. This small mistake of yours can cause trouble later. The habit of not eating breakfast increases the risk of diabetes. So no matter how busy your schedule is, a heavy breakfast is not right, but take 5-10 minutes to eat fruits, milk, juices and eggs.

make it a habit to exercise daily

Exercising regularly is very important to stay fit, but knowing this, we do not include exercise in our daily routine.

Adopt this habit change for good health and fitness. It is not necessary to do heavy workouts daily. You can do whatever exercise you want, even if it is 10-15 minutes. As an exercise of 10-15 minutes, you can do cycling, running on the treadmill, warm-up, skipping, dancing, aerobic etc.

Doing these strengthens immunity. Along with reducing weight, the body is also toned. Do not sleep for 8-10 hours, according to doctors, if you want to stay fit, then take a balanced diet, exercise daily,

set bedtime

Also, getting 8-10 hours of sleep is very important. People who do not get enough and good sleep may have health problems. In a recent study of 5,600 people, researchers found that people who didn’t get 8-10 hours of sleep were more likely to suffer heart disease and heart attack. So fix your bedtime, so that you get enough and sound sleep.

stop taking the medicine without asking the doctor,

When we are sick, we start taking medicine at the behest of the doctor, but most of us stop taking the medicine without asking the doctor as soon as we get relief, which is not right. , Is . Thus the consequences of discontinuing the drug without informing the doctor can be serious, whether the disease is minor or major, every medicine has a prescribed course, if not completed then the disease can develop again. If you do the same, then change this habit immediately.

brush at night

If you want your teeth to be as healthy as your body, go to bed every night. Get in the habit of brushing first. One study showed that about 80% of people do not brush after dinner. Therefore, dental diseases are increasing in people. If you don’t rinse properly, food particles get stuck in the teeth, causing bacteria to grow in the teeth. Due to the growth of bacteria, the teeth become damaged and gradually the gums begin to weaken. So make a habit of brushing before sleeping at night.

Don’t sleep with your mobile near the pillow

In today’s time, usually everyone sleeps by keeping the mobile near the head, due to which sleep is not complete and there is always headache, constant tiredness, tingling feeling in the head, dizziness, memory loss, lack of work focus, irritability, There are problems like blurred vision and disturbances in the digestive system. Not only this, the rays emanating from the mobile screen also harm health.

drink more water

It is important to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day, even knowing that we do not drink enough water. If you also have a habit of drinking less water, then change this habit immediately. Drinking less water causes dehydration in the body, which leads to problems like constipation, dizziness, fatigue, headache. Change the way you drink water with less water. Always drink water while sitting, do not drink water 30 minutes before and after eating.

sleeping wearing contact lenses,

No matter how tired you are, do not make the mistake of sleeping wearing contact lenses, sleeping with contact lenses in the eyes damages the eyes. Contact lenses do not supply oxygen to the cornea properly, which can cause damage to the eyes. People who always sleep with contact lenses are at risk of blurring and infection.

don’t eat too much junk food

Nowadays children and adults all eat junk food with great fervor, but this hobby of theirs can prove to be a danger bell for them, excessive consumption of junk food increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Is . It is better to give up junk food and make a habit of eating healthy food. Drinking more tea and coffee If you have a habit of drinking 8-10 cups of tea or coffee throughout the day, change your habit immediately or try to reduce it.

Tea and coffee are high in caffeine, which affects sleep, blood pressure, digestion and appetite. People who consume caffeine in excess may experience restlessness, loss of appetite, acidity and insomnia. So try to reduce your caffeine intake.

to put salt on top of food

Often people have a habit that they mix salt from above, but pouring salt on top of food is not good for health at all. Eating too much salt can lead to problems like high blood pressure, colon cancer, obesity and asthma. According to health experts, eating excessive amounts of raw salt can cause problems ranging from heart disease to kidney.

Avoid taking multivitamins on your own

Generally, people consider multivitamins beneficial for health, they think that taking multivitamins relieves fatigue and makes you feel physically fit, but do not take supplements excessively and without medicine. Taking multivitamins for a long time without any reason can be harmful.

Many people have a habit that they take too many painkillers that they immediately take painkillers when there is a minor problem. These painkillers can provide relief in pain, but they can also cause other diseases in the body.

It has been revealed in many researches that the consumption of excessive painkillers can harm health. Even taking painkillers in excess can lead to serious problems like heart attack or kidney and liver failure. Working long hours on computers and laptops The habit of working 8-10 hours in front of computers and laptops due to the increasing workload has made many people sick.

If you do the same then change your habit immediately. Working in front of computers and laptops for long hours leads to stagnation of physical activity, resulting in health problems like high blood pressure, obesity, muscle weakness, wrist, shoulder and back pain.

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