The body needs 60-100% oxygen, but due to pollution when this level drops below 90%

It is often thought that air pollution causes contamination of the blood, which is a misconception. The contaminated air reaches the lungs through our body which replaces oxygen. Gradually, the amount of carbon dioxide begins to increase due to which hemoglobin is not able to supply sufficient amount of oxygen to the blood, this condition is called carboxyhemoglobin.

This is how the danger mounts
The body needs 60-100% oxygen, but when this level drops below 90% due to pollution, hypoxia (lack of oxygen) begins due to which fatigue, laziness, colds , cough, eye and skin irritation. Infections start to occur.

Plant a basil plant
Tulsi reduces pollution in the atmosphere by 30 percent. For this, boil 6 to 11 basil leaves, the ginger, the jaggery and two black peppercorns with a glass of water. Drink it lukewarm in a quart. Drinking this decoction once a week reduces the effect of contaminated air.

Also know
In naturopathic treatment, an enema is administered for the purification of the intestines, which also purifies the blood. The blood is cleansed by drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day. Cabbage juice can also be taken.

Try these

  • Take one teaspoon of basil leaf juice with two teaspoons of honey. But do not take diabetic patients.
  • Prepare a sauce by mixing half a teaspoon of dried basil powder, a quarter of a teaspoon of dry ginger and a teaspoon of honey. Lick twice a day.
  • Take 2-3 tablespoons of Giloy juice or Amla and Aloe vera juice.
  • Salad, boiled and raw foods will be beneficial instead of chili peppers, fried and roasted foods.
  • Anulom-Antonym and Bhastrika Pranayama purify the blood. Do them 15-15 minutes after sunrise and before sunset.



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