Questions have often been raised about the relationship between John Kumar Sanu, who was part of Bigg Boss, and his famous single father Kumar Sanu. Now John Kumar has spoken openly to his father for the first time about the relationship and has said that there is a ‘communication gap’ between him and Kumar Sanu. Jaan Kumar Sanu was brought up by his mother because he was separated while in the womb. In a recent interview, Jan Kumar Sanu admitted that there was a communication problem between him and his father Kumar Sanu. He says Father Kumar Sanu has mixed feelings about him.

Apart from that, Jan Kumar Sanu also spoke about his father’s comment he had made in the past. A competitor of Bigg Boss was banned from speaking Marathi by Jan Kumar Sanu. This sparked a controversy and the channel had to apologize by writing a letter to the CM of Maharashtra. Reacting to this, Kumar Sanu said he did not know what kind of education his mother had given John Kumar Sanu. Regarding this, Jan Kumar said that the whole world saw how my mother raised me.

Jan Kumar Sanu said: “I haven’t had the chance to talk to my father. But yeah, I know enough that if we had had a conversation with each other maybe things would have been better. It is because there was a lack of communication between us. I agree that there has been a lack of dialogue on both sides. Regarding my father’s remarks about my mother, the whole world has seen how the mother raised me.

A few months ago, while disassociating himself from Jan Kumar Sanu’s objectionable comments about the Marathi language, Kumar Sanu said he had not been with his son for 27 years. Kumar Sanu said, “I haven’t been with my son for 27 years. We live separately. I don’t know how her mother raised her. I can’t understand how he said such a thing. As a father, I apologize. I can only apologize to you guys. However, Kumar Sanu later reconsidered his statement and said that Rita, John Kumar Sanu’s mother, gave him a good education.



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