How To Prepare Current Affairs For Bpsc

How to Prepare for Current Affairs for BPSC Weekly and monthly magazines are also a good source to improve your BPSC exam preparation. Candidates must refer these books as guidance for their next BPSC exam. In this blog, we will list some books that graduate students must use to prepare for BPSC. The questions asked in Prelims BPSC are factual; Therefore, repetition and memorization of program topics is of paramount importance.

History of Modern India, General Science, Politics, Indian and International Current Affairs, General Knowledge of Bihar and Current Affairs of Bihar are the major areas that applicants should focus on.

How to Prepare for Current Affairs for BPSC

If we look at the 64th BPSC Preliminary Meeting question paper analysis, we find that the maximum number of questions were asked from the above sections. But the most important question among them is how to study for BPSC, how much should we study and which books are best for pre and main preparation for BPSC exam.

BPSC Program BPSC 2022 Program Applicants must be knowledgeable about the latest BPSC schedule to crack the exam successfully. Check out various types of information regarding BPSC 2022 exam dates, notices, eligibility, vacancies, and much more.

It is time to start the preparation as the BPSC Prelims Exam 2019 is scheduled. With time, you will see how many schools are preparing for the preparation of BPSC Pre-Exam. BPSC Prelims is about to take place and with minimum preparation time, you need to be smart enough.

The article shares tips and strategies for better preparation of BPSC exam. History of Bihar and History of India. Most of the questions in this section are based on facts, and most of them are related to modern history. Ancient and Medieval. India, Rajeev Ahir + specific questions can be asked from the book on History of Gatna Chakra, which has questions from UPPSC, BPSC, JPSC, and they are all objective type questions. To answer the questions related to Bihar, a book named Book on Bihar by Pratibha Publication will help.

Events of National and International Importance – GK Today Monthly Objective Questions + Gatna Chakra News + Book Competition Bihar A publication for issues related to Bihar. Prepare a detailed report on History, Geography, Culture, Languages, Fairs and Festivals of Bihar.

BPSC asks from various sources to cover Bihar specific questions as well. We suggest you read “Bihar Ka Geography” book along with “NCERT Geography” from “Bihar GK”. Lucent is the top book for BPSC and is supplemented by Bihar Economic Review published annually by the Finance Department, Government of Bihar. Around 20 questions are asked during the exam, most of which are related to world geography, and about 8 to 10 questions are related to the geography of Bihar.

While preparing for the exam candidates must also be aware of the BPSC Exam Template. One should have one hour for current affairs and should also practice handwriting for the next big exam. Try to save at least 2-3 hours of study time by regularly reviewing everything you cook.

In my opinion, there is no need to prepare notes on current affairs for BPSC Pre-Exam. But you will need to cover the issues of BPSC from last 10 years.

It is divided into three different levels, namely Preliminary, Mainline and Interview. The BPSC Mains exam consists of four papers: General Hindi, General Studies-1, General Studies-2, Optional Documents. For this, knowledge of Hindi grammar and essay writing practice is essential.

Whatever is studied must be included correctly in the context of the exam so that the result can be obtained. To do this, students must have a well structured and organized curriculum. We all know that every mind understands things differently, but for the exam, when everyone has to follow the same schedule, there must be some common methods of preparation.

Preliminary exams in recent years show that around 20-30 questions are asked each year about current events, making them extremely important and deciding factor to ensure success in preliminary exams. By previewing the previous year question from BPSC Mains General Studies Paper-1, we conclude that there are 5 questions from the topic out of which the candidate has to answer 3 questions. Following the trend, BPSC is capable of asking mostly questions on three subjects: History, Science and Current Events. Most of the civil services exam templates are similar to that of the IAS exam, even in the case of BPSC, the preliminary stage consists of only objective type questions and the main stage is the descriptive theory exam.

Just reading the news and current events is not enough as the competition is fierce and the exam design and exam schedule varies to some extent. In recent years, subject questions have been given importance in Civil Services Exam or UPSC IAS Exam.

The current events of Bihar 2021 are very important for the students studying for BPSC and other Bihar public exams. Even in the static part of politics, history, geography, culture etc. the issues are connected with contemporary events.

To develop a good idea of ​​what is happening in the world, you have to make a habit of reading newspapers. The most important point in preparing news for BPSC Pre and Mains exam is the dependence on one source, i.e. full utilization of one source for news preparation. NCERT is always the best source for BPSC Prelims questions. The current business section had relatively more questions as compared to the previous years in the test conducted by various examination bodies.

If you go through the previous year BPSC documents, you will find that the document level is a bit easier than the UPSC preliminary level. For the mains exam, special attention is given to preparing self-written notes on all the topics and identifying important sections of previous years’ tests.

To help other aspiring students, Rakesh shares his preparation strategy and recommendation books for Bihar PSC Combined Competitive Examination (CCE). He has trained for various competitions over the last five years and was selected as an assistant commander in 2018 after clearing the UPSC CAPF exam.

He is presently working as Assistant Commissioner of Government Tax in Bihar Financial Service. This Geography Bachelor (Hons) Delhi has been preparing for various competitive exams since last five years.

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