Hp Adhesives Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

hp adhesives stock price The gray market is a term used to describe the unregulated over-the-counter market for IPOs and IPO shares, which are traded before the stock is listed. It’s also a way to raise quotations and support issues before a quotation arrives. This can be positive or negative, indicating whether the gray market transaction price is higher or lower than the issue price, depending on the supply and demand of the stock.

Typically, investors who don’t want to risk a distribution not going through an IPO will buy shares in the gray market hoping to get listed for good returns. The cost rate is the amount that an investor receives by selling his IPO bid on the gray market. If the seller does not get a stake in the IPO process, the transaction will be terminated.

hp adhesives stock price

During HP Adhesives IPO, investors submit bids for a minimum of one lot and a maximum of 14 lots. Due to the size of the IPO of 25.28 million shares, 5.29 crore shares were signed. The issue was underwritten 20.96 times and fresh shares were issued for Rs 113 crore.

Adhesives and sealants are used in a variety of industries including plumbing and sewage, drainage and distribution, building construction, footwear, foam furniture, and many others. Its traces are found in the adhesives, plumbing, plumbing, textile, logistics, real estate and engineering industries. He will also expand the established capabilities of existing product lines and add products to his portfolio.

Adhesives and sealant company HP Adhesives received Rs 56.68 crore from top three investors a day before its IPO. Consumer Adhesives & Sealants Company traded at Rs 319 on BSE, up 16.42% from issue price of Rs 274. Trouble. 274 per share price. HP Adhesives is now listed on the stock exchange at a premium over the IPO price to overcome the underperformance of the market.

HP Adhesives Share Price Targets 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030

Minutes after the first day of trading, HP Adhesives stock rose 5% above its listing price at Rs 334.95 per share. #HPAdhesives was listed on NSE on Monday at Rs 315 per share, which is almost 15% higher than the #IPO issue price of Rs 274 per share. HP Adhesives was listed on BSE at a huge premium of Rs 319 per share, while the issue price of the company for the IPO was Rs 274.

HP Adhesives’ 126 crore IPO was a combination of 113 crore fresh share issue and 12.5 crore Offer to Sale (OFS). HP Adhesives’ stock distribution will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, December 22, after its initial public offering (IPO) opened between December 15-17, garnered a good response from investors. The IPO includes a fresh offer of 4.14 million shares for Rs 113.4 crore and an offer to sell about 457,000 shares from shareholder Anjana Haresh Motwani for a total of Rs 12.5 crore.

The Mumbai-based company is seeking Rs 126 crore from the market, of which Rs 113.43 will be raised through fresh share issue and Rs 12.52 crore through offer to sell. Between December 15-17, the company raised Rs 125.96 crore in the main offering as the company sold its stake at Rs 262 to Rs 274 per share. The company’s shares were listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) at Rs 315 per share, with a 15% premium over the IPO price of Rs 274 each.

Rate the company on 40x24FY to reach the target price of Rs 4,195. The decline is expected to provide a good entry point, due to optimism about growth prospects due to fluoridation chemistry. It remains neutral on the stock with an unchanged target price of Rs 4,195; Estimated yield of 5%.

Based on our forecasts expecting long term growth, the share price forecast of Hindustan Adhesives Limited for 2026-12-18 stands at Rs 423,801. The agency has updated its target price to Rs 5,000, which has closed at Rs 3,429, a rise of 47% over the previous day on BSE.

Foreign, Asian stocks closed higher on Thursday following strong cues from Wall Street and positive reports on the potential impact of Omicron options on the global economy. Meanwhile, European shares were also higher in early trade on Thursday, though Omicron cases rose globally and other countries announced restrictions to stem the spread of the virus.

According to Ajit Mishra, vice-president, brokerage firm Religare Broking, the December derivatives contracts are expiring this week and the market may come under pressure from rising coronavirus cases. HP Adhesives Share Price Outlook; Ravi Singhal, Vice President, GCL Securities, said: “Those who have acquired HP Adhesives shares in the disbursement process are advised to hold the shares for at least 3 months as during this period up to Rs. expected to increase. ,

As per the management, HP Adhesives has a direct comparison with Pidilite Industries Ltd. But personally we don’t think so because pidilite industries is one of the best companies in india and strong sales position in india and hp adhesive company is much smaller than pidilite industries.

In addition, HP Adhesives Limited has a strong distribution network with over 750 distributors serving a network of over 50,000 resellers in India. According to the company’s financial results for 2020-2021, the company sold its products to 21 countries. However, he also added that the company is the leading manufacturer of its largest range of PVC-based cement products in India in the consumer/market segment of the adhesives industry.

But we may increase or decrease our target price for HP Adhesives after reviewing the company’s financial performance over the coming quarters and years. If you are a risk-averse investor, you can grow your HP Adhesive Inventory to reach a long-term target price of RUR 345. + After 1 or 2 years. Hence, if the investors are able to take the risk, then they can hold the stock of HP Adhesive for a longer duration ranging from 1 to 2 years.

At the current price of Rs 274, the trading interest rate of HP Adhesives stock is compared with the 200-day moving average. HP Stickers is currently trading at Rs 274 and % has changed in last 365 days. According to data from IPO Watch, the premium for shares of HP Adhesives in the gray market before the announcement of the stock allocation was Rs 50, which was about 18 per cent higher than the issue price.

HP Adhesives was listed at Rs 315 on NSE and was trading at Rs 319 per share on BSE at the commencement of trading. I reached only Rs 334. Quoted at a premium of 16%. HP Sticky Stock Moderate is opening today in India’s primary markets as the company traded on NSE 315 levels each, up 41 percent from its issue price of ₹274 per share.

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