Increased uric acid increases many problems in the body. Not only causes pain in the soles of the feet and ankles but also invites arthritis. In fact, the breakdown of elements called purines in the body increases the amount of uric acid. By the way, most of the uric acid leaves the body through the urine. But when the amount of uric acid increases in the body, it starts to build up between the joints and bones in the form of crystals. Therefore there are problems such as joint pain, pain in the soles of the feet, kidney problems and arthritis. Therefore, it is important to control the amount of uric acid in the body. That can be done to a large extent by controlling the diet. Let us know today that if the uric acid in the body increases, then by avoiding what foods the amount can be controlled.

Eat protein rich foods makanan

When uric acid increases in the body, you should avoid things that are rich in protein. Otherwise, it may increase your problem manifold. When uric acid is elevated, consumption of things like milk, dairy products, dairy products, curd, paneer, spinach, kidney beans, green beans, beans, sprouts, soy, eggs, whole grains, chicken and beans should avoided.

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stay away from high sugar drinks

Such drinks should be kept away from people whose bodies have an increased amount of uric acid. These people should stay away from things like soft drinks, soda, cold drinks, shikanji, alcohol, tea and coffee. Consumption of these drinks can increase uric acid even more, which can cause many problems in the body.

Ignore the non-veg seafood too

People who like non-veg and seafood also ignore these things to control their uric acid. Otherwise, the uric acid can increase even more and can increase the pain of arthritis. Therefore, avoid eating the meat of other creatures such as chickens, pheasants, deer. So don’t eat crab, shrimp, mackerel and tuna there too.

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Keep your distance from junk food and fried food

You should also stay away from junk food and fried foods such as chips, papad, pizza, burgers to prevent an increase in uric acid. Apart from that, things like spicy foods, oily foods, soy milk, citrus fruits, soy, ice cream, fermented foods, refined carbohydrates, white bread, cakes, biscuits and cocoa should also be kept out of your diet. It will be much better for your health and you will be able to control the increase of uric acid in the body to a large extent.(Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general assumptions. Onesumore does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant expert before apply this.)



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