Are you having trouble eating food? Don’t you feel hungry? These are some of the more visible problems in people today. Today many people do not feel hungry on time. Even when it seems, he can’t eat much. If you also don’t feel hungry on time, you can apply some home remedies. Many people do not feel hungry even after seeing the smell and the food. At the same time, due to stomach problems, hunger automatically ends. In such situations, often people also begin to feel weak. Let us tell you about home remedies that can help you increase your appetite.

Triphala Churna
Triphala churna is a panacea for many home remedies. People mostly use it in constipation problem. If you also don’t feel hungry on time, then you can consume Triphala churna. For this, take a spoonful of Triphala powder in warm milk. Regular consumption increases appetite.

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drink green tea
Green tea is considered a good home remedy to increase appetite. Its regular consumption not only increases appetite, but also relieves many ailments. If you like tea in the morning and evening, then you can drink green tea instead of drinking other teas. People drink more green tea during winter.

The body needs adequate amounts of water during the summer. So keep drinking water regularly at this time. It also increases appetite and there is no lack of water in the body. You can also consume lemon juice mixed with water.

Consuming carom seeds is a home remedy for many stomach related problems. You can use it in problems of indigestion or loss of appetite. Eating it also keeps the stomach clean. Many Indians consume it by frying it briefly by adding salt to it. If you do not feel hungry, then consume it once or twice a day.

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If you don’t feel hungry for a while or don’t want to eat anything, then you can drink juice. Keep in mind, when consuming it, add regular salt or rock salt to the juice. It also keeps the stomach clean and also makes you feel hungry.(Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general information. Onesumore does not confirm the same. Before implementing this please contact the relevant expert.)



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