Diabetes can be caused by excessive intake of momos- Image credit / pexels-cats-coming

Diabetes can be caused by excessive intake of momos- Image credit / pexels-cats-coming

Momoj is a dish made not only for children but also adults. But due to the high intake of these momos which increase the tongue test (Eating too many momos), you may have a lot of health problems.

Momose is a food that so many people see, will definitely enter into the mouth. Not only children but also adults who are crazy about this dish. Momose became very popular as a street food (Momose became very popular). Some people are so crazy about it that they prefer to eat it for lunch and dinner 4-5 days a week. But did you know that consuming this momo, which looks attractive and enhances the tongue test, can cause a lot of health problems for you? In fact, maida is used in making momos and many kinds of vegetables, as well as soybeans and chicken. Meanwhile, to add to the flavor of momos (to add to the flavor of momos), chili sauce is consumed in large quantities of red chilies which are used in large quantities. Tell us what problems all these things in your body can increase. This problem can be caused by Maida Flour is used to make momos and the filling is made and filled. Because of the glycemic index in flour, the sugar levels in the body can increase, which may lead to diabetes. Along with this, you may also experience acidity problems due to consumption of refined flour. Consuming flour at the same time can weaken your metabolism and cause digestive problems. Not only that, but maida increases the amount of bad cholesterol, namely LDL in the body. In addition, it can increase constipation problems. Refined flour also contains a lot of starch, so excessive intake can lead to weight gain problems. Also read: Learn what fermented foods are and their health benefits This problem can increase the momo filling
The filling of cabbage, capsicum, carrots and soybeans is made with vegetable momos, while chicken is made in non-momos. These things are not washed and cleaned properly, nor are they cooked properly. Not only that, the quality is also not good, which can prove harmful to your health. Also, in these low-quality vegetables, a bacteria called E-coli is found, so you are at risk for infection. Often times, there are also chances of tapeworms in the cabbage and if the cabbage is not cooked properly then there is a chance that these worms will reach your brain, which can prove to be a big risk for you. Also Read: Did You Know About Food Combinations Miss, Know What To Eat Red chili sauce can give you this problem To further enhance the flavor of momo, hot red chilies are used in the red chili sauce that you eat with chili sauce. With daily or excessive intake, you may not only have problems with hemorrhoids, but also heartburn and stomach acid. Along with this, there are also possible problems such as gastric irritation, diarrhea and swelling of the tissues. If a person has asthma or any respiratory disease, then consumption of red chilies is proven to be very dangerous for his health as well as increase the risk of asthma attacks.



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