Yoga must be practiced regularly to prevent disease. Yoga calms us down and brings stability. By incorporating yoga into our routine, we can strengthen our immunity, so that we won’t face any physical problems later. At the same time, you can get rid of problems such as back pain. In today’s Facebook Live Yoga Session, Yoga Expert Savita Yadav talks about many small exercises including Padmasana, Parvatasana, etc. With their regular workout, while the abdominal muscles remain strong, the stress is also reduced. Yoga is an art and must be practiced slowly. You can’t become good at this in a day. It will get into your habit only when practicing. Therefore, do yoga slowly and do yoga for a healthy life. Padmasana The word Padmasana consists of two different words. The first word in Padmasana is Padma which means lotus, while the second word is Asana which means sitting. In Padmasana, the meditator sits in a lotus-like situation. Benefits of PadmasanaPerforming the Padmasana provides tremendous benefits for the body. If you feel restless and restless, do the Padmasana practice. This will help calm your mind. To do this asana, to receive supernatural energy, to meditate or meditate, to awaken the Chakras or Kundalini. Padmasana is a very strong posture. This is an excellent asana for back and heart ailments. All physical and spiritual benefits are described in Yogasastra. This is one of the best mentioned rugs for meditation. Margarie’s posture
Marjari Asan is called in English by the name pose Cat. This is also known as the cat stretch posture. By performing this asana, the flexibility of the spine and back muscles is maintained. Marjari asana is a yoga asana leaning forward to back. Cat walks are well known all over the world, but we talk about cat poses in yoga posture classes. This asana benefits your body in many ways. This asana provides good stretch to the spine. With this, it relieves back and neck pain. Read this too – This yoga will increase body strength, will also reduce fat in the waist. Benefits of Margery’s posture Helps the spine become more flexible Helps improve digestion Improves blood circulation Helps reduce unnecessary fat from the stomach Helps tone the stomach Helps to relieve stress Many helps Provides mental calm by relaxing the mind Strengthens shoulders and wrist Driving crow To do this, sit in a squat position. After this, keep your hands on your knees. Take a normal breath and walk around the yoga mat. There are many advantages to doing this. This asana stretches the leg muscles. It also increases physical strength. Very good for digestion. Backache, Yogasan has been done to increase leg capacity. Also read – Start the Day with Surya Namaskar, This Yogasana Will Free You From Diseases Symbol To do this asana, first of all sit down. Keep your spine straight and lock the fingers of your hands together. Now turn your palms upside down and keep them in line with your head. After this, move your hands up. Make sure your hands are straight. After this, take a deep breath and feel the stretch in the muscles of the shoulders, arms and back simultaneously. Stay in this position for two minutes. Then exhale, lower your hands. Do this asana regularly for about 10 minutes.



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