Follow these home remedies to cure children's coughs and colds- Image / pexels-andrea-piacquadio

Follow these home remedies to cure children’s coughs and colds- Image / pexels-andrea-piacquadio

Children usually get a cold cough in changing weather. To overcome this, parents can adopt these home remedies if they don’t want to take their child to the doctor or don’t want to provide treatment in English.

Due to the changing weather, usually young children experience coughs and colds. But this problem annoys the kids a lot and seeing their problem, the parents also start to get very upset. On the one hand, parents do not want to go to the doctor with their children because of cough problems, while on the other hand, they also refrain from feeding their children English medicines. In such situations, the best way to save children from this problem is to adopt domestic medicine. Come on, today we will tell you some simple ways to relieve coughs and colds in young children. Celery water To relieve cold and cold, give young children two to four teaspoons of celery water. For this, cook a tablespoon of celery well in a glass of water. If the water is left half, then still give it to the child three to four times a day. If the child is older, then you can drink half a cup of celery water. This will provide relief from troubles. Also read: Don’t bother with toothaches, these easy remedies will provide relief Turmeric milk
To get rid of cold and cold, mix turmeric in milk and drink. For this, heat the turmeric by adding milk and feed the baby when it is lukewarm. If you use raw turmeric for this, it will be even better. Drink stew The child should be given the potion at least twice a day. If the child is young, give one to two tablespoons of brew to drink. If the child is older, then half a small cup of stew can be given. For this you need to buy a good company decoction from the market. If this is not possible, you can also make a stew of basil, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, and ginger at home. Also read: If you also have anxiety, take these home remedies to get rid of it Get steam Steaming a child also provides relief for children from cold and cold. Therefore, give the baby steam at least once a day. If you yawn before bed, all the better. If the child does not pick up steam or you are afraid that the water will not spill, for this, place a pot of water or vaporizer on the ground and place the child on the bed on his stomach. Keep the child’s whole body on the bed and keep his face away from the edge of the bed. Hold the baby well so they don’t fall. This will allow the steam to reach it easily.(Rejection: this Article In Granted Has gone Information And Notification Normal Confidence In Based on Hah. Hindi News18 They Confirmation Not is I s. In In Execution To do From first Related specialist From Contact Do it.)



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