Continuing the trend of reviewing shows and movies on OTT, today a Telugu movie called IIT Krishnamurthy hashes the small screen. The movie is available on Amazon Prime and let’s see how it is. Story:

IIT Krishnamurty (Prahvi) comes to Hyderabad in search of his uncle. He files a complaint with the police, but it is shockingly revealed that his uncle is dead and that the police themselves cremated him. Krishna does not believe it and continues to find the reason for it. He is repeatedly attacked and at the same time there is fraud in a large company. What is the relationship between these two cases? What happened to Krishna’s uncle and what is the story behind it? The rest of the story becomes this. Analysis:

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The suspense factor finally revealed is pretty good and well handled. The way the suspense is built with the main stages of the pre-climax was neat. Actress Satya does a good job in her limited role. Theater actor Vinay Verma gets an important role and does well as a cop. He’s the best part of the movie and gets better with every movie. After a long time, Banerjee gets a good role and he does it justice. The background music for the film is also quite impressive.

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The climax of the film is also well handled. The film’s production values ​​are correct as is the camera work. All the investment scenes are well displayed with a set of cops. For director Shrivardhan, the idea of ​​his story is good.

Her script looks good with a nice twist at the end. He wrote an entertaining script. Although the plot becomes clear after a while in any thriller movie, a good thriller will manage to give audiences a compelling experience without revealing too much information. IIT Krishnamurthy does exactly that and great credit goes to writer Nagarjuna Manpaka and director Srivardhan. Supporting actor Banerjee does a remarkable job. Prahuvi Dandamudi, who plays IITKrishnamurthy, did a commendable job in the lead role.

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The young actor puts his game on stage and gives credibility to the plot. He is particularly good at certain events where he acts in a way that lets the plot of the film shine through. Overall, Prithvi is able to strike a balance between her performance and telling the plot an entertaining tale. Mari Doshi, as the female chef, gives substance to her character and has done a great job.


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