Patients who have recovered from the corona are required to replace their toothbrushes.  Image Credit: Pixabay

Patients who have recovered from the corona are required to replace their toothbrushes. Image Credit: Pixabay

Change Your Toothbrush After Recovery of Covid 19- Patients who have recovered from Corona are required to immediately replace their toothbrush (Change Your Toothbrush). With this, patients will not only avoid Covid infection again, but other family members will also be safe.

Covid19 precautions: The second wave of the Corona virus epidemic (second wave of Coronavirus) proved deadly. In such situations, taking care is the greatest cure. In this corona wave, it is also seen that those who have recovered from the corona are infected again. In such situations, experts suggest that those who are recovering from the corona should avoid more prey. Remember that oral hygiene is an important element in the prevention of corona infection. Both those who are still survivors of infection and those who are recovering from infection are advised to maintain special oral hygiene. Dental experts recommend that patients who have recovered from Coronavirus should immediately replace the brush (Change Your Toothbrush) and tongue cleaner. Doctors said that not only did this prevent the patient from catching Covid again, but other family members also remained safe. Why is it necessary to change brushes Doctors said that bacteria and viruses that develop over time on toothbrushes cause upper respiratory tract infections. The doctor also suggested that if there are other members of the house, it is better to make Kulla with mouthwash or hot salt water. Not only that, some doctors also advise people who are recovering from seasonal flu, phlegm and colds to replace brush and tongue cleaners. Also read: Want to recover quickly from this Corona, then include these 5 foods in your diet

In the same way, there is much more.Maintain oral hygiene
NBT During a conversation with Aakash Health Care Super Specialty Hospital, Dr. Bhumika Madan agrees that people who recover from colds, coughs and flu will greatly benefit from changing toothbrushes. If you have had Covid-19, you will need to replace your toothbrush and tongue cleaner after 20 days of showing symptoms. The WHO also says that the virus is spread through tiny droplets that come out of the mouth through sneezing, coughing or screaming from an infected person. Also read: Here are 9 benefits of drinking hot water, strong immunity, weight loss What research says A study conducted in Brazil found that it is very important to maintain oral hygiene so that toothbrushes are free of bacteria. This habit helps reduce infection. Research has shown that infected people can spread disease to others very quickly, so we better take all precautions. By keeping these little things in mind, we can also take care of ourselves and protect others. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general information. Onesumore does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant experts before applying.)



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