Elderly Care During the Covid Outbreak: The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the country. Multiple mutant viruses and now three mutants are being discussed among the fastest growing infections. Keeping yourself safe in such an environment remains a challenge for everyone. This challenge is more difficult for Elderly Citizens who have become physically weak and completely dependent on others for their safety. The immune system in the elderly is more susceptible so they are susceptible to infection. Here we tell you how to care for the elderly in and around the home during this bad phase of the coronavirus outbreak. 1. Stay at home more often Centers for Disease Control and Prevention According to him, with age, the possibility of corona infection in humans increases. In such situations, they need to take special care of themselves. They are advised to stay at home more often, rather than going out for sports, walking, etc., at home. According to the CDC, in every 10 deaths from Covid-19 in the US, there are 8 people over the age of 65. 2. Keep cleanEncourage seniors to clean their hands every 20 seconds with soap. This habit will help them avoid infection. Keep their surroundings clean in the house and at times disinfect the surfaces around them. Be careful with the ventilation in their room and go as far as possible before going to them by changing outdoor shoes, clothes, etc., cleaning hands with soap or showering. Also read: Pulse Oximeter: know what a pulse oximeter is, keep it in place when treating corona at home
3. Be aware of new circumstances As much as possible, tell them about current conditions and keep telling us the steps to avoid. By doing this, they will be careful and will also make an effort to take care of themselves. Before going out, explain to them what to care for (how to wear a mask and how to keep your distance, etc.). 4. Create a comfortable atmosphere at home Continuous viewing of the news on TV can create tension for older people, which can have an impact on their mental state and health. As far as possible, talk about positive things at home and discuss good things. By doing this, children and adolescents and home elders will also avoid stress. 5. Stay on the phone If your parents or family elders are not living with you, keep talking every day. Ask about their needs and make them feel safe. You should also continue to receive calls from older people around you. This will not make them lonely and they will feel that people care about them. 6. Be attentive UNICEF According to him, if your elderly partner lives alone in your neighborhood, then occasionally keep chatting with them. Sometimes leaving some nice notes on the door. Your habits will make them feel good and they will feel safe. Whenever you go to the market, ask them about their needs over the phone and when they come to the market, buy and ship the things they need. You can also help them with their grocery shopping. Sometimes sharing homemade food with them in a lunch box. Also read: Keep the windows open to avoid a new type of corona infection … 7. Ask their needs Whenever you go to the grocery store, convenience store or drug store, you have asked older people at home or around what they need. How can the electricity bill, water bill or pension etc be filled online, you can help them with this. 8. Avoid social isolation Let the elderly practice social distancing and not social isolation. Teach them to use smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. To connect with people digitally. Teach them to video chat.



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