The way to be happy was told at the Indian Happiness Festival.

The way to be happy was told at the Indian Happiness Festival.

India Happiness Festival 2021: India Happiness Festival 2021 (online) was held on May 29 in the country. The purpose of organizing it is to instill some quality of happiness in people so that they can get mental peace and can be more positive in life.

Indian Happiness Festival 2021: Happiness means Happiness. Even though a person always wanders in search of happiness, but in the current era, this is the need of the moment. Mahatma Gandhi wrote in Young India, living life in the midst of death. Truth is hidden among untruths. Light emanated from the darkness. On May 29, the 2021 Indian Happiness Festival (online) was held in the country with several ideologies. The purpose of this implementation is to instill some happiness tricks in the community so that they can get peace of mind and be more positive in life. This is the first event of the Indian Happiness Festival and now such an event will be held every year.

The registration fee charged for this event will be used for relief work related to Kovid. During this time, Global Happiness Experts and Happiness Researchers share their views among people. Following this, there were two panel discussions attended by media experts, EOs, and entertainment giants. The Happiness Festival begins with the statement of Professor Rajesh Pilania MDI (Gurgaon), who works prominently on Happiness in India. They share five research-based happiness tips on how to make happiness your choice and choose your own, as well as changing beliefs related to happiness. At the same time, he shared how important gratitude and forgiveness are to happiness. It’s also important to stay away from negative people.

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He then happily shared his experience at the Gross Happiness Center in Bhutan by Dr. Samadu Chhetri, Gross National’s first executive director. He said that the need for compassion is very much in this era and how important gratitude is for happiness. Many industry leaders have joined panel discussions on happiness at work. The industry giant has provided a lot of interesting information on this subject, as is much of the important advice that is being given on happiness at work. They also share their personal happiness strategies such as goals, celebrations, open dialogue opportunities, yoga, meditation among personnel. Producer Guild CEO Nitin Tej Ahuja, Mridu in a panel discussion on the role of the entertainment and media industry. Apart from Bhandari, Editors, Special Projects, Network 18, many great editors attended. These veterans share very interesting information about the role of entertainment and media. The need to spread happiness through the entertainment world and cover positive news as well as facts through the media was emphasized.

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Professor Ruth Weinhoven, director of the World Happiness Database, spoke about the special research. He provides input based on various studies, so that happiness can be better understood and found. Padma Bhushan, a PhD (Harvard), father of the Indian Management Movement, former professor at London Business School and former professor at IIM Calcutta, provides insight into what can be learned from ancient Indian knowledge. Many funny questions answered by the Happiness Strategy Foundation from those who participated in the festival which they participated in on a large scale.



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