Black mushroom

Black mushroom

Black Fungus News: Industrial used oxygen cylinders in their home, which do not contain 100% pure oxygen. Some simple oils are also used, because a person will survive the corona but he or she could fall victim to a yeast infection.

New Delhi. In the Corona period, in the midst of lack of oxygen, everyone is trying their best to save their loved ones, and in this way some carelessness is carried out in isolation of homes and hospitals. Therefore, due to the lack of oxygen that saved the corona’s life, due to lack of oxygen, people are now stricken with diseases such as black fungus, namely mucous mycosis. There are countless numbers of such patients, who have been seriously affected by Corona. These people recovered from Karona, but fell victim to black fungus. There are two big reasons behind this. First That there was a shortage of oxygen cylinders in many cities in the country, including Delhi, a few days ago. The government itself had said that oxygen for industrial use must also be diverted to hospitals. There are also oxygen cylinders in home insulation, which is why many people use oxygen cylinders for industrial use in their homes, which do not contain 100% pure oxygen. Some simple oils are also used, because a person will survive the corona but he or she could fall victim to a yeast infection. The second big reason There is an oxygen concentrator, the clear guideline for use is that only really clean distilled water is used, but if the whole family is infected, then where does the distilled water bottle come from? In such situations, many people use tap water, which most likely contains some bacteria and mold and after that they fall victim to black fungus. Know what the experts are sayingAIIMS Professor Pawan Tiwari It is said that mycosis mucosis is a fungus that occurs almost everywhere. Where there is moisture and where goods or fruits and vegetables rot. This fungus enters our body with our throat. This fungus is easy to clean in our body, but corona patients who are hospitalized have two to three risk factors. A corona sufferer must have been exposed to oxygen and given asteroids and other anti-body drugs. Maybe their blood sugar is also messed up and under such circumstances they are unable to control the sugar even after being hit by an asteroid, then they can develop mucous mycosis after recovering from corona. Not only that, some patients were given asteroids even after being discharged from the hospital. AIIMS Professor Pawan Tiwari It is said that people with corona can get mucous mycosis even though the water given to them is dirty. He said the most important thing for patients in this case is to stay in control of sugar, not to take in oxygen when it is not needed, not to take out asteroids unless needed, if you have to be hospitalized, take water that is purified in oxygen and the tap. Don’t use water. Secretary General of the Indian Medical Association, Dr. Jeyesh Lele said that black fungus is one type of fungal infection. He said that precautions were not being taken in the industrial oxygen supplied in the hospital at this time. Because this infection is increasing. Not only that, the water used during the oxygen supply is not taken care of. Cylinders are not sterilized. Steroids have been used. Distilled water should be used in home insulation, but tap water is used and this is one reason.



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