Jamun Seed Powder For Diabetics: By the way, we all know that jamun fruit is very beneficial for diabetics. It controls blood sugar and prevents many problems, but let us tell you that the seeds are also very useful for diabetic patients. Yes, if the powdered seeds are eaten every day, then many problems associated with diabetes can be overcome. It has been used from Ayurveda to Unani and traditional Chinese medicine as well.

why is it useful

ndtv Well-known microbiotin nutritionist Shilpa Arora, citing reports from, says that they actually contain ingredients called jambolene and jambosin, which slow the release of sugar in the blood. It also increases insulin levels. In such a situation, dry the seeds and make a powder and consume them before eating.

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How to use

First wash and clean the jamun. Now separate the seeds from the pulp. Wash again and place on a dry cloth and dry in the sun for three to four days. When it is completely dry and starts to feel light, then remove the thin skin on top and grind it well by putting it in a mixer. For best results, mix it with milk in the morning on an empty stomach and consume it. You mix a small spoonful of powder in a glass of milk and let the patient drink it. By consuming it every day, blood sugar levels of diabetics will be controlled. Along with this, stomach problems will also go away.

What are the benefits of eating jamun?

If you consume Jamun every day, then the problems related to the stomach will disappear.

If you drink the decoction of the bark, then problems such as stomach pain and indigestion will disappear.

Jamun is also useful in boosting immunity.

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By consuming it, the lack of blood in the body becomes complete. Blood levels in the body increase.

If there is a stone problem, then make powdered jamun seeds and mix with curd and eat. You will get lots of rest.



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