Actress Kangana Ranaut shared a photo from the Christmas celebrations. Along with this, he also taunted some people by giving their Christmas wishes. Kangana tweeted: ‘Merry Christmas to those who honor and accept all Indian festivals. Merry Christmas to those who do not criticize Hindus only. Kangana Ranaut delved into bigotry people about festivals in this article. Some people are tracking him down on this post as well. A user accused him of playing politics through this post.

Not only that, one user said she would be the target of the right again. Apart from this, many users have stated that instead of Christmas we remember the sacrifice of the family of Guru Govind Singh. Kangana Ranaut shared this post on Instagram in addition to Twitter. Earlier, he shared photos from his Christmas celebrations with his sister and sister-in-law last night. Kangana shared the photos and wrote: ‘Yesterday my sister-in-law came home and Rangoli made a carrot halwa for her. Some pictures from last night’s dinner.

Let me tell you, Kangana Ranaut recently shared a pic from her midfielder from Mexico, in which she wore a bikini. Because of this photo, a class on social media attempted to troll him. In response to the trolls, Kangana Ranaut tweeted: “ Some people give me the lecture on religion and Sanatan seeing my bikini photo, if ever Mother Bhairavi comes out with her image dressed in hair, clothed and drinking blood. What will happen? Will you be destroyed and call a devotee? Go religion, do not be its masterpiece … Jai Shri Ram.

Significantly, Kangana Ranaut is known for her outspokenness on social and political issues. She also regularly tweeted about the current peasant movement. Recently, he tweeted a woman saying Shaheen Bagh’s grandmother, which was also disputed. He deleted his post, but was sent two legal notices asking for forgiveness. Apart from that, he has been criticized by many stars including punjabi star Diljit Dosanjh.



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