Mumbai. TV stars Kapal Karanvir Bohra and Teji Sidhu recently became the parents of a third daughter. The couple have their first twin daughters. The couple shared photos of the third daughter with fans on social media. However, some trolls targeted Karanvir, claiming he wanted the boy. Karanvir has now responded to such trolls.

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“ We were just praying for a healthy baby ”
Sharing the photo with his twin daughters, Karanvir wrote in the caption: “My friend sent me a very nice message, I have to post it. There are a lot of comments on my page saying we were trying to have a boy. So now these rumors should be dispelled. We didn’t want a boy or a girl. We only prayed for a healthy baby. Despite being from the conservative Marwari background of Rajasthan and being my own man, I never had a desire for sex. If we had a boy at home, he would have received as much love and enthusiasm as my twins and this little angel. I adore my daughters with all my heart.

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These are my three ladies
Please say that when the third daughter entered the house, Karanvir shared a video with the newborn baby. With that, the actor wrote: “You can’t even guess the experience going through my veins… I can’t believe I’m the father of three daughters… Yahoo! Life can’t get better than this, imagining that I’m running the world with these three queens. Thank God for sending these fairies into my life. I will do my best to take care of them all because they are my three goddesses, my Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati. You can also call me Charlie or Charlie Angel, my Alpha, Chi and Omega.



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