Krishna Shroff, who was in the news recently due to his breakup, broke the silence regarding his celibacy. Krishna Shroff says she appreciates her celibacy. Krishna said that because of this I can focus on myself without any hindrance. It’s a good situation rather than a relationship drama. Regarding the breakup of Eban Hames, Krishna Shroff said that a lot of such things happened which led to this situation. But I kept everything private. I think we thought it was better to be our friend instead of being a couple. So there is no reason to discuss the break up too much.

Regarding her ex-boyfriend Eban Hames still in touch and his comments on Instagram posts, Krishna Shroff said that we were both still in touch, but not the same as before. In an interview with The Times of India, Krishna Shroff said that I have never had a problem befriending my X. Usually my X has problems with this.

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Recently, on the question of doing a photo shoot, Krishna Shroff said that my friend Divina is a photographer. We experiment and turn again every time we go on a trip. We stayed at the Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai which is quite nice. So we decided to do a photo shoot.

When asked to prepare to go out again, Krishna Shroff said that my breakup had only been a month. This is why I am enjoying this moment right now. I am currently doing the job that I love to do. In a way, I’m refreshing at the moment.

Regarding his New Year’s Resolutions, Krishna Shroff said that I wanted to travel the world in 2021. I really think the New Year is going to be good for me. Significantly, Krishna Shroff deleted all photos of her with Instagram from her boyfriend Eban Hames after the breakup.



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