New Delhi: Actress Kashmiri Shah is seen in Bigg Boss 14 these days. He entered as a wild card. Prior to joining Bigg Boss, Kashmira shared some of her bold photos with her fans, which have gone wildly viral on social media. Now Krishna Abhishek has also shared a bold image of his wife Kashmiri. With this he also wrote a special message.

Always be proud

This photo was posted by Krishna from his Instagram account. In the photo, Kashmiri poses in a swimming pool wearing a binky. With this, Krishna said that Kashmir always makes him proud. He wrote: “You always make us proud and I know you will continue this even further. This thoughtless attitude will take you to different places. I love your money. Krishna’s post has received thousands of likes so far. In addition, fans give various reactions to this.

Surprised everyone by losing weight

Before moving to Bigg Boss, Kashmira entered the scene for her transformation. He had surprised everyone by losing his many pounds of weight. Speaking to E-Times about this, he said, “Once I was in the United States with Krishna. There we went shopping. There I saw that I couldn’t put on small and medium size clothes. After that, I realized that my weight had increased considerably.

Objective achieved in this way

After that, Kashmira spoke about her diet and exercise and said, “ I started eating in small portions. Due to which I lost 3 kg of weight in 15 days. It increased my confidence and I started to exercise regularly. During the lockdown I wore masks around the house too so I wouldn’t overeat. After that, my weight increased to 56.4 kg. I achieved my goal.

Argument with Nikki Tamboli

Let me tell you, Kashmira’s entry into Bigg Boss 14 was made like a wild card. Fans love their game. Now the next episodes will show that Kashmiri and Nikki Tamboli are having a fierce debate.



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