You must have heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine for health, meaning that laughter is the best medicine for health. That’s why you must have often seen people doing Laughter Therapy and Laughter Exercises. Although laughter is beneficial for everyone’s health, laughing and being happy during pregnancy brings many benefits not only for the mother but also for the child. This is the reason why pregnant women are advised to laugh and be happy during pregnancy. Let’s find out what are the benefits of laughing during pregnancy for mothers and children.

good child growth

During pregnancy, an expectant mother should laugh and be happy as much as possible. Due to this, its own health remains better, the fetus remains more active and its growth occurs very well. Therefore the baby is born healthy.

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Better brain development of children

If you want your baby to be really healthy and smart, then you have to be happier and more laughing during pregnancy. Because of the mother’s laughter, it also affects the child’s brain cells. Which helps in the development of the child’s brain.

less stress

During pregnancy, pregnant women often experience bad moods and stress because of small things, which have a negative impact on the health of the mother and child. To avoid this, laughter is very important. For this, you can take the help of comedy films or you can read and listen to jokes. This will greatly reduce your stress.

Less pain and discomfort

Often, pregnant women also experience problems such as headaches, backaches, swelling of the legs or body and fatigue during pregnancy. In such situations, if you take the help of laughter therapy every day, then happy hormones are released in your body. Therefore your attention is diverted from the pain and you feel better.

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increased immunity

Being happy and laughing during pregnancy not only reduces stress but also strengthens the immune system. Therefore the immunity of mother and child is strengthened. Therefore there is less chance of getting sick for yourself and the child.

blood pressure remains normal

Most women have high blood pressure during pregnancy. Which is not good for the health of mother and child. Because of this there is a danger of causing all kinds of problems. If you successfully try to make yourself happy and laugh, then it helps to keep blood pressure normal. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general assumptions. Onesumore does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing it.)



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