The second wave of Corona has swallowed millions of people. Given the rise in coronavirus cases across the country, total lockdowns have been imposed in many places. At the same time people are basically asked to wear masks, wash their hands repeatedly with soap and wash their hands, and adopt social distancing. Apart from that, it is also said to boost immunity. Actually it is very important to maintain health at this time. The number of people associated with this wave is so large that ordinary people face many hardships from investigation to treatment. Meanwhile, in investigating the Corona case, a CT scan was also used with a loud voice. In a recent statement to the ANI news agency, AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria said that repeated CT scans could be a grave danger. He had said that corona patients are also at risk of developing cancer due to CT scans. Dr Guleria said that after analyzing the radiation data, it was found that people had CT scans within three days, which was not right for their health. Let us tell you what a CT scan is, what it damages and what does it have to do with the corona. Also read: Drinking honey water relieves throat infections, increases immune power

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What is a CT scan A CT scan is a computerized tomography scan. This is a type of three-dimensional X-ray. Tomography means cutting anything into small pieces and studying it. In Kovid’s case, the CT scan performed by the doctor was Chest HRCT, which is a high-resolution computerized tomography scan of the chest. Through this test, the lungs are visible in a 3D image. Let’s see. This causes lung infections to be detected quickly. However, doctors say that without the doctor’s advice, do not do a CT scan or do not do it at all without symptoms. Not only that, it should not be done on the second or third day of corona infection. Unless recommended by a doctor, no CT scan should be performed. This proves to be harmful to the body. Previously, Dr. Guleria also said that patients with mild Coron symptoms who have been advised to be isolated at home should not undergo CT scans on their behalf. We tell you that the CT scan achieves radiation in the body which is equivalent to about 300 chest X-rays which can cause a lot of damage to the body if repeated.
Also read: Immune strength will increase once you drink this juice, you will avoid viral diseases. What are CT scores and CT scores According to the doctor, the lower the CT value than usual, the higher the infection and the higher, the lower the infection. The ICMR has now assigned a CT value of 35 for corona detection. This means that a CT value below 35 is considered positive and patients with a CT value above 35 are considered negative. At the same time, the CT score shows how much damage the infection has caused to the lungs. This number is called CO-RADS. If the CO-RADS number is 1 then it is below normal, if it is 2 to 4 then there is a mild infection, but if it is 5 or 6 then the patient is considered Covid-positive. Advantages and disadvantages of CT scanning -When doing a CT scan, there are various kinds of tests in the lab. Radiation comes out of this test, which can prove harmful to the health of the patient. This radiation is bad for health. Sometimes this radiation also affects other organs. According to doctors, special care should be given when performing CT scans on children. Actually, without realizing it, children constantly shake their bodies. In such a situation, repeated examinations must be carried out to determine the disease. Repeated CT scans can affect the physical development of children. -Some people experience allergies after undergoing a CT scan. Usually this reaction is mild. May cause itching or a rash on the body. Sometimes it can prove to be very dangerous. -If you have diabetes and you are taking medication for this then you should stop taking your medication before or after the CT scan. – There may also be kidney problems with a CT scan. If you have kidney problems before having a CT scan, tell your doctor. -CT scan determines when surgery is needed. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general information. Onesumore does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant experts before applying.)



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