Onesumore: ‘Liv and Maddie’ Expected to Leave Netflix in April 2021

Liv and Maddie – Image: Disney Channel

Disney channel Liv and Maddie is expected to leave Netflix in the United States in its entirety in April 2021, as the rights are expected to revert to Disney, where the show will be a permanent fixture in the Disney + library. Here’s what you need to know.

The show is is expected to leave Netflix around April 23, 2021 which will coincide four years after the addition of its final fourth season to Netflix. The show itself has been streaming since May 2015 with new seasons on Netflix following their release in the United States on Disney Channel.

Liv and Maddie starred Benjamin King, Joey Bragg, Kali Rocha and Tenzing Norgay Trainor and was about a young child star returning from Hollywood to find that she or her friends had changed.

Only Netflix in the United States carries Liv and Maddie with all other regions having the show available on Disney + exclusively.

Although we have no confirmation via the Liv and Maddie Page for the withdrawal, we have confirmation that the show is intended to air on Disney + in April 2021 (the 23 april) in the United States, but confirming its removal from Netflix.

After deleting Liv and Maddie, that will leave Bunk’d as the only major Disney Channel title on Netflix with Sofia the first being one of the last remaining Disney Junior titles on Netflix.

A number of other Disney titles will stay on Netflix for some time, including Walt Disney Short Film Collection (even if supposed to be deleted in October), The Muppets, some Disney Nature titles, Rebel Radio, Princess and the frog and Tini: Violetta’s new life. It also doesn’t include many ABC titles that are expected to leave over the next few years.

You can see what’s set to leave Netflix US in April 2021 via our Upcoming Departure article which is currently headlined by the 8 seasons of. Weeds.

Will you miss Liv and Maddie once it leaves Netflix in April 2021? Let us know in the comments.


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