Excel Shortcuts for Mac to Become Quick & Transform as Advanced

Almost all of the keyboard shortcuts that are available for Windows are available on the Mac as well. If you are new to the Mac, remember that in most cases, Command replaces Control, and Option replaces Alt. It is Useful for analyze data, create a pricing table, or to make a presentation . People are Searching “mac excel shortcuts pdf alt shortcuts excel mac excel shortcuts formulas excel shortcuts pdf 2020 ribbon shortcuts excel mac excel shortcut keys list advanced excel shortcuts decrease decimal shortcut excel mac” Here Your Answers.

Mac Excel Shortcuts

A few of the keyboard shortcuts found in Excel for Windows are unavailable for Mac. These, however, may be created manually by selecting Tools . Customize Keyboard.

COMMAND + S                                                                     Save Workbook
COMMAND + C                                                                Copy
COMMAND + V                                                                     Paste
COMMAND + X                                                                Cut
COMMAND + Z                                                                 Undo
COMMAND + Y                                                                     Redo
COMMAND + A                                                                     Select All
COMMAND + B                                                                      Bold
COMMAND + TAB                                                                Switch Program
COMMAND + Q                                                                     Close Program
COMMAND + N                                                                New workbook
SHIFT + F11                                                                            New worksheet
COMMAND + TAB                                                                Switch workbooks
COMMAND + page up                                                            Select next worksheet to the right
COMMAND + page down                                                       Select next worksheet to the left
CONTROL + 9                                                                         Hide Row
SHIFT + CONTROL + 9                                                    Unhide Row
SHIFT + Spacebar                                                                    Highlight row
CONTROL + Spacebar                                                             Highlight column
CONTROL + Minus sign                                                        Delete selected cells
Arrow keys                                                                             Move to new cells
COMMAND + Pg Up/Down                                                   Switch worksheets
COMMAND + Arrow keys                                                    Go to end of continuous range and select a cell
SHIFT + Arrow keys                                                                Select          range SHIFT + COMMAND + Arrow                                                                                                 Select continuous range Home               Move to beginning of line
COMMAND + Home                                                               Move to cell “A1”
SHIFT + ENTER                                                                      Move to cell above
TAB                                                                                         Move to cell to the right
SHIFT + TAB                                                                           Move to cell to the left
CONTROL +                                                                          Display a drop-down list

                                                                                         MAC EXCEL SHORTCUTS

COMMAND + +                                                                      Format Box
SHIFT + CONTROL + B                                                  General format
SHIFT + CONTROL + !                                                     Number format
SHIFT + CONTROL + #                                                    Date format
SHIFT + CONTROL + $                                                    Currency format
SHIFT + CONTROL + %                                                          Percentage format
In Formulas
CONTROL + U                                                                        Edit formula, showing precedent cells CONTROL + OPTION + RETURN                                                               Start new  line  in  same  cell SHIFT + Arrow                                                                                                 Highlight within cells
COMMAND + T                                                                     Change absolute referencing (“$”)
ESC                                                                                         Cancel a cell entry
5 (equals sign)                                                                         Start a formula
CONTROL + SHIFT + T                                                           Sum selected cells
COMMAND + ‘                                                                      Copy formula from above cell
CONTROL + ‘                                                                         Show formulas or values
F9                                                                                            Recalculate all workbooks (Note that
the user will have to inactivate Expose in order for this shortcut to work)
SHIFT + CONTROL + RETURN                                              Enter array formula
COMMAND + [                                                                      Highlight precedent cells
COMMAND + ]                                                                      Highlight dependent cells
SHIFT + COMMAND + {                                                    Trace all precedents (indirect)
SHIFT + COMMAND + }                                                    Trace all dependents (indirect)

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