Add Taste And Health To Your Regular Tea: If you get a cup of tea in the morning then what is the problem, if it is also special then what to say. Yes, the tradition of drinking tea in our country is very old, so the current generation of society is not touched. Yes, it is certain that in the past people liked to drink tea with a spread of milk, whereas nowadays there are not a few people in cities who also use tea for weight loss or body detox. In such a situation, here we tell you several ways to make tea, with which you can dissolve health by taste in your cup of tea.

Use this tea too

Green tea

Antioxidants are found in green tea leaves, because it is very effective in detoxifying our body. In countries like Japan, China, it is also drunk like a cold drink. It is able to hydrate the body instantly. Let us tell you that the leaves are least oxidized and this is the reason why the tea made from them is so light in color. Drinking bay leaf decoction relieves pain in minutes, know the benefits and how to make it

Ginger tea

If you start your morning with ginger tea, it doesn’t get much better than this. It also has antioxidant properties that reduce inflammation in the body and maintain a healthy heart. Apart from that, it also protects you from seasonal ailments.

Lemon tea

If you have been in trouble for a few days and you feel depressed or stressed due to various kinds of worries then you should drink lemon tea. It’s also easy to make and it tastes really good too. This will also help you to stay healthy.

Make a healthy and delicious tea like this

– Do not boil the leaves too much in water when making tea. According to some studies, it can cause cancer of the food pipe.

– Along with tea with milk, sometimes black or red tea also has to start the day. This will fix your digestive problems.

– Before adding the tea leaves while boiling the water, add herbs such as basil, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. This will work to protect you from many diseases.

If you experience menstrual cramps, add a piece of ginger to the tea and drink it. You will get instant help.

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Break the habit of adding sugar to tea. Instead you drink honey, jaggery, etc. Your skin problems and diabetes will show improvement.

If there is a gas problem in the stomach, then add a little celery to the tea. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general information. Onesumore does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant experts before applying.)



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