Mango Benefits In Hindi – आम खाने के फायदे

Mango Benefits In Hindi – Benefits of eating mango

Mangroves are found everywhere in India. Planting, preserving and nurturing fruit trees is considered virtuous in our culture. Mango fruit is known to almost everyone in India.

There are many species of mango. There are different colors, sizes and different flavours. Native mangoes, which are lukewarm, contain fiber and the juice is thin, while Kalmi mangoes are low in fiber, which makes cutting and eating them. Indigenous mangoes are considered more beneficial from the medical point of view.

Properties of Mango

The root of mango is considered to be anti-phlegm and anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and cool. The kernels (seeds) of mango fruit are anthelmintic. It is beneficial in vomiting, diarrhea.

Mango leaves are phlegmatic and expectorant, mango flowers are phlegmatic and bile and vatkaraka. Ripe guava is blood-boosting, sweet, lubricating, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, satiating, nutritious, increases strength and energy.

Delicious, anti-diabetic, is strong for the liver (liver). The delicious unripe fruit of mango (Carrie) is stimulating to the stomach and increases Vata, is tasty, sour and astringent. Raw fruits are beneficial in sore throat and urinary diseases. The powder of mango leaves is beneficial in diabetes.

Mango destroys tuberculosis and has the properties of making the body completely healthy. It is capable of removing many diseases of the stomach such as constipation, diarrhoea, intestinal wounds, constipation, piles, weakness of the liver, etc. Makes blood alkaline, reduces acidity.

medicinal use*

Take two or three pieces of very ripe sweet mangoes in the collection, peel them and remove the ripe pulp with a knife and cut them into small pieces and keep them in a glass or porcelain vessel.

Boil the cow’s milk well and cool it and mix the milk well with the mango pulp. Chew slowly – chew mango pulp and consume milk.

One loaf of milk is to be consumed at an interval of 3-3 hours a day. Do not consume anything other than milk and mango. If you do not take anything except mango and milk for 40 days, then only then there will be full benefit. It is a kind of amulet. ,

In case of heat stroke

Due to strong sunlight during summer, there is also a deadly disease ‘Loo’ in diseases caused by lack of water and mineral salts in the body. In this disease, after roasting or boiling raw mango (Carrie) and removing its pulp, mixing sugar or sugar in it should be given one glass 3-4 times a day in 2-2 hours, it removes the side effect of heat stroke.

To stop bleeding

If there is bleeding due to bleeding piles, bloody diarrhea or bleeding from the lungs or intestines, extract the bark of mango and extract the juice by grinding it after extracting the inner part of the bark and taking 10 grams juice in the morning and evening is beneficial. If there is difficulty in extracting the juice, after making a decoction of the bark, give it up to 20 grams twice a day.

in gonorrhea

Take out the bark of mango, crush the inner part of the bark and soak 20-25 grams of bark in 200 grams of water in the evening and mash the bark in the morning and filter it and drink that water from the bark to the patient of gonorrhea. . Doing this experiment continuously for ten to fifteen days is beneficial.

in diarrheal diseases

Take out the kernel of the mango kernel, make two parts of the kernel. Keep half of it raw, fry half and grind both the halves.

Take this powder of mango kernels in the amount of 2-3 grams and mix it with curd and consume it 3-4 times in 3-3 hours. Along with this, 4-5 grams of Belgiri powder (Bilva Churna) and sugar candy can also be consumed.

Ripe spotted banana, rice and curd should be given to the patient of diarrhea as a diet. If ripe vine is available, then syrup of vine is also beneficial in the form of diet.

If there are worms in the stomach –

To destroy stomach worms, make a powder by grinding the kernel inside the mango kernels and take 1 gram powder with matha, curd or water in the morning and evening.

On skin burn-

Rubbing the kernels of mango kernels with water like sandalwood and applying it on the burnt part of the skin, it ends the burning sensation. On the venom of the spider, many times the spider leaves the venom by roaming on the body, causing blisters on the skin. In such a situation, the kernels of mango kernels should be rubbed in water and applied after preparing a paste.

On enlargement of testicles –

When there is growth and pain of the testicles, find a naturally formed tree knot on the mango tree and bring that knot out and bring it home and after rubbing that knot with cow urine on the stone, make a paste and apply it on the enlarged testicles and bake it with a cotton cloth. do; This will give relief from pain and swelling.

In liver weakness-

Due to the weakening of the liver function, there is a side effect on the digestive system. There is no appetite openly and digestion is not done properly. have loose stools; In such a situation, bring mango leaves, dry them in the shade and grind them to make a powder.

Use mango leaf powder instead of tea leaves. Drinking this tea of ​​mango leaves in which water, milk and sugar, sugar or sugar according to the taste is beneficial by drinking it for a few days. ,

On sowing and ringworm of feet –

On plucking the fruit of mango, a chik comes out from near the stalk, which is filled regularly in the torn sowing, the skin becomes healthy within a few days. Ringworm ends by applying this scream on herpes also. ,

On the cavity of the eyes (Bilni) –

There is a pimple on the eyelids on the side of the eyes which is painful. The juice that comes out after plucking mango leaves to be applied on the bilney, it gives quick benefits. ,

at the beginning of cholera

In the initial stage of cholera, take 15-20 pieces of fresh tender mango leaves and mash them and boil them in 400 grams of water, when 200 grams of water remains, then take it off and filter it after a while, then give it to the patient. needed . It is beneficial in early symptoms. ,

In Pairiya –

The mango kernels should be collected and dried and after taking out the kernel inside them, dry them thoroughly and grind them to make powder. Is . ,

In bloody piles –

Take 10-12 tender fresh mango leaves and grind them with water and mix sugar candy after filtering and take one cup regularly, it cures bleeding piles. * If there is bleeding from the nose in nosebleeds, grind the kernel of mango kernels and sniff it, it stops bleeding. According to Charaka, putting the juice of mango kernels in the nose stops bleeding.

In hemorrhage-

Taking 1 or 2 grams powder of mango kernels with water regularly ends bleeding and bleeding piles.

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