To control the Corona outbreak infection, experts around the world continue to urge people to wear masks. People also wear masks to protect themselves from infection. But in many types of masks on the market, however, which mask will be useful to protect against corona infection, a question arises in everyone’s mind. Amid all the information and arguments, people are skeptical about which mask they should wear. So let us know World Health Organization (WHO) What does this say about this. Explain that WHO has issued guidelines for protection from Covid-19 and details on medical masks and cloth masks. Let’s know. When to wear a medical or surgical mask In the guidelines shared by WHO on masks, it is stated that health masks or surgical masks need to be worn by people who are health workers and care for patients. In addition, this mask is also useful for those who show symptoms of Covid-19 in themselves and are suspected of infecting someone around them. In addition, if there are family members who are affected by corona and live together, they must wear a mask. Health organizations also advise people over 60 and sick people to use these masks. Those in a high risk zone and it is difficult to maintain a distance of one meter are advised to wear medical or surgical masks. Also read: Keep the windows open to avoid a new type of corona infection …When to wear a cloth mask In this epidemic period, cloth masks or cloth masks have emerged as an important choice worldwide. According to WHO guidelines, cloth masks or masks made of clothing should be worn by people who do not have symptoms of Covid-19. It can be used in places where a distance of one meter can be maintained. Apart from that, it can also be used on public transportation, metro, buses etc. It can also be worn at work. Keep these things in mind when wearing a mask
Many times people apply masks but there is no point in applying masks like that. Some people hold masks around their necks, while others just cover their noses. Many people cover their mouths with only a small, useless cloth. Not only that, people wear the same mask over and over again for several days without washing it, which causes the infection to multiply. Also read: Prone Position: How beneficial it is to lie upside down to increase oxygen levels in Corona, know the opinion of the experts

Learn the correct way to apply and remove masks. According to 1. WHO, first clean your hands thoroughly when applying a mask. 2. Make sure the mask covers the nose and mouth properly. 3. After touching the mask, do not touch it repeatedly with your hands. 4. If you want to touch the mask, first clean your hands thoroughly or clean them with soap. Only then touch the mask. 5. Never touch the mask further if you want to remove it. Remove from the side of the ear. 6. Immediately put the mask in the soap solution after removing it or if it can’t be used again, wrap it in paper and put it in the trash. 7. After touching the mask, wash or clean your hands with soap. 8. Clean the cloth mask with warm water and soap.



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