Onesumore: Mike Flanagan’s ‘The Midnight Club’ Season 1: Filming Begins in March 2021

Mike Flanagan is already working hard on his upcoming Netflix Original, The Midnight Club. With filming set to begin in March, the exciting new teen horror will have a lot of people talking in 2022. We’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know. The Midnight Club, including plot, cast news, production updates, and Netflix release date.

The Midnight Club is an upcoming Netflix Original teen horror series from The haunting creator Mike Flanagan. Based on Christopher Pike’s bestselling novel, The Midnight Club will be the fifth Netflix Original series for Flanagan. Intrepid Pictures will be the production behind the series, with the Bly Manor team attached to the project.

What is the production status of The Midnight Club?

Official production status: scheduled shooting (last update: 04/03/2021)

The main photograph is should start in British Columbia, Canada on March 15, 2021. Without any delay, filming is scheduled to end on July 23, 2021.

Who are the actors of The Midnight Club?

The following actors of The Midnight Club are recurring collaborators of Mike Flanagan:

Role Cast member Where have I seen / heard them before?
TBA Matt Biedel Narcos: Mexico | Modified carbon | Umbrella Academy
TBA Annarah cymone In cage
TBA James flanagan The Haunting of Hill House | Gerald’s Game | Occulus
TBA Zach Gilford The Purge: Anarchy | The last winter | Friday night lights
TBA Igby Rigney Blue Bloods | Good Joe Bell | Out of my comfort zone
TBA Samantha sloyan Shhh | Grey’s Anatomy | No shoulder

Matt Biedel, Annarah Cymone, Zach Gilford and Igby Rigney have yet to be seen on a Mike Flanagan project. All four star in the next original series Midnight Mass.

The other cast members currently confirmed to star in The Midnight Club are the following:

Role Cast member Where have I seen / heard them before?
TBA Report Love story of danger
TBA Ruth codd * Beginning in midnight mass *
TBA Aya Furukawa The cabin in the woods | Legends of Tomorrow | Terror
TBA Heather langenkamp A Nightmare on Elm Street | Wes Craven’s New Nightmare | Just the ten of us
TBA Sauriyan Sapkota * Debut in midnight mass *
TBA William Chris Sumpter Bushwick Beats | NYC Dreams | Power

More cast members will likely be announced soon.

What is the plot of The Midnight Club?

A group of terminally ill teenagers reside in Rotterdam Home and together they create the Midnight Club. They meet in secret at midnight to tell horror stories. Together, the group forms a pact, that whoever dies first would make the effort to contact the rest of the Midnight Club members from across the grave.

When is The Midnight Club Netflix release date?

With filming slated for late March through July, we can assume we’re not going to see The Midnight Club on Netflix until 2022. We expect the series to land in the spring of 2022.

What is the number of episodes?

It has been confirmed that The Midnight Club will have a total of ten episodes. The durations are not yet confirmed, but we expect the episodes to be between 45 and 60 minutes.

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