Human Breast Milk In Lab- Breast milk is considered a complete food for newborns. This is what causes many mothers to breastfeed their babies for a long time after giving birth. But often, due to improper diet or other reasons, breast milk is not formed, which makes parents very upset. There is good news of relief for such people. Technology has developed in such a way that breast milk can now be prepared in laboratories i.e. science laboratories. This milk will be full of nutrients like breast milk.

In this regard, American female scientists have conducted experiments for the first time in the world. Below, now nutritious milk like mother’s milk can be prepared in the laboratory. Scientists call it ‘biomilk’. According to media reports, while talking about this, scientists say that laboratory tests of the nutrients present in biomilk have also been carried out. As with breast milk, nutrients, proteins, fatty acids and other fats must be in sufficient quantities in biomilk, this effort is a lot. However, it is also said that there are more nutrients in milk than breast milk.

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Layla Strickland, co-founder and chief science officer of the company that makes biomilk, says that although antibodies are not present in milk, the nutritional and bioactive composition of biomilk is more than any other product. Layla Strickland recounts that the idea to make biomilk came about when her baby was born prematurely. Until then, milk has not started to form in his body. In such a situation, he had to face a lot of trouble to feed his cubs. Why did he put so much effort on this, but all the effort was in vain and the result was the same. Inspired by this, he started producing memory cells in the laboratory in 2013. After this, in 2019, he also brought food scientist Michelle Egger and conducted this experiment. Scientists say that in three years this milk will be available on the market.

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