Onesumore: Movies & Series Leaving Netflix in May 2021

It’s time to cover again what will be leaving Netflix over the next month and below you can find all of the TV series and movies currently scheduled to leave Netflix in the US in May 2021.

As a reminder, moves are not final, they often simply indicate that contracts have ended. That said, you’ll want to watch the movies and shows before their departure date just in case.

Typically, we learn of new deletions 30 days ahead of schedule. We also get an extended list through Netflix themselves towards the end of the previous month.

Check back to our April 2021 deletions list to see if you’ve missed anything.

Full list of what’s coming out on Netflix in May 2021

What’s leaving Netflix on May 1, 2021

  • 17 Again (2009)
  • Atomic Puppet (Season 1)
  • Black fish (2013)
  • I Can’t Wait (1998)
  • Den of Thieves (2018)
  • The Green Hornet (2011)
  • How to be a Latin lover (2017)
  • I am a legend (2007)
  • The Indian in the Closet (1995)
  • Japanese style designer (season 1)
  • Jump the Broom (2011)
  • Kingdom (seasons 1-3)
  • Knock Knock (2015)
  • Palm trees in the snow (2015)
  • Platoon (1986)
  • Runaway Bride (1999)
  • Snowpiercer (2013)
  • Waiting (2015)

What will you be missing when he leaves Netflix in May 2021? Let us know in the comments.


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