Muskmelon Benefits In Hindi – खरबूजा खाने के फायदे

benefits of melon in hindi It is beneficial to consume regional and seasonal food, that is, “in the region, in which season the fruits are there, it is beneficial for the health of the people of that region to consume them in the same season.” In fact, nature infuses healing properties into them for that season and the people of that region.

“Cucumber, cucumber, coconut, orange, seasonal, cantaloupe, watermelon, litchi, juicy mango, Malta, etc. Fruits and natural food grown in different regions in summer, in which the amount of water is sufficient; All those foods protect the body from the ill effects of heat.

Protects health by supplying water and mineral salts. Removes harmful and unnecessary heat from the body, cools the mind and makes it fresh. Purifies the blood. Our vital organs keep the kidneys healthy.

Property –

Dharma – Prevents rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica etc. from gout. It cures insanity, dropsy, stones, urinary obstruction, thirst and skin diseases. Beneficial for heart and brain. Removes common doshas, ​​is a preventive of constipation. Removes Vata- Pitta, is strong. It is cool and satisfying.

Caution ,

  1. Milk should not be consumed immediately after consuming melon.
  2. Wash the melon thoroughly with cold water and keep it in cold water, so that it becomes cold. consume only when it is cold
  3. Sweet fruits should be eaten. Consume pure alcohol made from the native Khand, so that pitta dosha can be avoided.

Muskmelon Benefits In Hindi – Benefits of eating melon

In rheumatism and gout –

Gout can be controlled by eating melon or kalpa in a proper way under the supervision of a doctor. Consumption of melon as a diet four times a day cures bleeding and quenches internal defects. It has been found to be effective in making joints healthy.

in weakness of the brain

Melon melon has been used in different ways to make seasonal frosting to increase brain power, to remove mental stress due to heat, to remove heat from the brain. Its effect is cooling. The brain gets cool.

Make a cold drink by grinding 5 grams seeds of Mingi by mixing water in cold cow’s milk. This keeps the mind calm and happy.

In protection from heat

In the heat of May-June, there is a fear of heatstroke. In the absence of proper treatment, heatstroke can be fatal. Consuming cantaloupe regularly prevents heatstroke.

On peeling the melon, which cools the inner part of the peel, rubbing it on the skin gives coolness to the skin.

Melon seeds are also grinded and applied on the forehead. Grinding the seeds and consuming it after making syrup is beneficial.

In burning of stomach-

Anger, tension and garam masala, gram flour – by eating spicy fried things, the burning in the stomach increases due to increase in acidity. Melon being a good alkalizer removes excess acidity.

lack of mother’s milk

Regularly giving cantaloupe to mothers who are lactating young children, the milk starts increasing in sufficient quantity. Taking Shatavari powder with milk powder is also beneficial.

in constipation

Removes constipation in the intestines, and cures diseases caused by constipation. Peel and cut ripe sweet melon and take it with a pinch of rock salt and ground black pepper, it ends constipation.

Consumption of foods under the skin scrubs and blemishes can lead to the development of spots on the skin and face due to the effects on liver function and increased acidity of the skin.

Applying melon pulp on the face and sprinkling melon regularly removes spots and spots. Improves skin complexion. The skin becomes radiant. Alkaline foods should be consumed for full benefits.

In Sprue –

Taking equal quantity of black pepper, dry ginger, rock salt and roasted cumin seeds on the pulp of melon twice a day helps in digestion and gets rid of sprue, amoebic and dysentery.

Inflammation of liver

Swelling of the liver is removed by regular consumption of cantaloupe. It is useful for making liver function healthy.

in mental imbalance

In mental imbalance (pitta mania), the mental imbalance arising due to the aggravation of pitta disorder due to heat is beneficial by consuming native khada made of melon daily. Stop consuming hot beverages, add sugar to curd as a dietary supplement and should be consumed regularly after meals.

In gallstones and hysteria –

Peel the melon, squeeze a little lemon and squeeze the pulp tightly to make a syrup and add sugar or powdered sugar as per taste. This syrup removes gallstones, constipation, hysteria and gastric disorders. Clears urine, removes urinary infections.

In gonorrhea or urinary disease-

Muskmelon is very beneficial in diseases like heat of the bladder, gonorrhea and urinary infections or diuretic nature when there is obstruction in urination.

Grind 5 grams of melon seeds in meringue water, mix 3-4 drops of sandalwood oil (available at Ayurvedic medicine store) in cold milk of sugarcane and mix it well with a little water, it provides quick relief.

Initially, it should be consumed thrice a day, so that quick benefits can be obtained. The patient of gonorrhea should avoid hot drinks and foods of hot nature and hot spices. Care should be taken to drink enough water.

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