With a simple trick, you can save your manicure and prevent nail polish from bursting.

It happens to all of us. Even after spending a lot of time applying nail polish or paying money at a salon, our beautiful manicure looks tousled. It is natural to get angry when you see the money and the hard work. In such a simple trick, you can save your manicure and prevent nail polish from bursting.

Start with clean nails
If you have a professional nail polish applied, it will clean your nails first. Even if you haven’t applied any nail polish, they still apply nail polish remover. So always clean your nails with a good nail polish remover before applying nail polish.

Apply the base coat
After cleaning the nails, prepare your nails with the base coat.

Apply thin quotes
You will feel strange to know, but the thin layers are uprooted late. Therefore, apply three thin quotes versus two thick quotes. It will also reduce the drying time between coats and reduce the risk of bubbles forming when applying nail polish. Yes, the nail polish must be of good quality.

Polish Tips
Every time you apply nail polish, be sure to buff the tips. It will also reduce the nail polish. If you are using shimmers, definitely sprinkle satellites on the tips.

Apply a clear top coat
Top coats always increase the life of your manicure. You can use the base coat as a top coat. Remember to brush the edges of the nails and the topcoat around.

Leave to dry well
It takes 45 minutes for the nails to dry properly. After that you can apply the key or tie the shoe laces. After the nail polish dries well, soak your nails in cold water and apply lotion. This will make the nail polish smooth.

Special advice
If you want to increase the age of the manicure, apply a top coat every other day.



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