Narcos Mexico Season 3: Who Is The New Narrator? Why Do They Chan

Narcos Mexico Season 3: Who is the new narrator? Why do they chan
Narcos Mexico Season 3: Who is the new narrator? Why do they chan

Narcos Mexico Season 3 is available on Netflix! If you want to know who is the new narrator we tell you everything! Fans of Narcos: Mexico could notice a big change in Season 3 from the series they know and love: The narrator is changed. Scoot McNairy, who plays DEA agent Walt Breslin, was the… narrator of the series since season one, and tells the story of the drug trade in Mexico, even if his character doesn’t play a major role in the story.

Narcos Mexico Season 3

But for Narcos Mexico Season 3 that all changed when McNairy gave way to newcomer Luisa Rubino to comment on the season as her character, journalist Andrea Nuñez. We tell you everything about the new Narcos Mexico narrator!

Who is the new narrator for Season 3 Narcos Mexico?

The Narcos: Mexico Season 3 Narrator is Andrea Nuñez, played by Luisa Rubino, the first female narrator of Narcos. In the series, Nuñez is an idealistic young journalist who pursues the truth with unwavering determination. Understanding that the marriage between Enedina Arellano Félix and Claudio Vazquez is hiding something, Andrea begins to investigate and discover connections between the Tijuana cartel and Carlos Hank Gonzalez, arguably the most powerful and influential man in Mexico.

One night, Salgado and his security team are attacked by employees of the Tijuana cartel. While no member of the security team survives, Salgado does, and it’s clear that Andrea and the rest of the team continue their remarkable work.

In one of the final series of the season, Walt and Andrea meet, and the first tells him how Alex Hodoyan, a double citizen, was killed because of his desperation and that of other agents of the United States Armed Forces. to get results.

The two storytellers of the story see each other in the other. Their personal crusades to bring certain individuals to justice got them nowhere. While Andrea is somewhat more successful in this regard, as his reports revealed to General Rebollo, he is only a symptom of the disease. The link between the cartel and the government is still there and someone else probably took Robello’s place.

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