Onesumore: Netflix K-Drama ‘Racket Boys’ Season 1: Plot, Cast & Episode Release Schedule

K-Dramas are gaining momentum on Netflix in 2021, and while we still have a lot to look forward to in March and April, we can already look forward to the release of Racket Boys in May. We will keep track of everything you need to know Racket Boys, including the plot, cast, trailer, and episode release schedule.

Racket Boys is an upcoming Netflix Original K-Drama series from screenwriter Jung Bo Hoon. The series is directed by Jo Young Kwang who is known for his work on Respondent and Cardiac surgeons.

When is the Racket Boys Netflix season 1 release date?

The first episode of Racket Boys will be released on Netflix on Monday, May 17, 2021.

Racket Boys will have a total of 16 episodes, with two new episodes arriving on a weekly basis each Monday and Tuesday. Each episode will be approximately 60 minutes long.

Racket Boys episode release schedule

Before arriving on Netflix, episodes of Racket Boys will air on the South Korean national broadcasting service SBS.

Episode SBS broadcast date Netflix release date
1 05/17/2021 05/17/2021
2 05/18/2021 05/18/2021
3 05/24/2021 05/24/2021
4 05/25/2021 05/25/2021
5 05/31/2021 05/31/2021
6 06/01/2021 06/01/2021
7 06/07/2021 06/07/2021
8 06/08/2021 06/08/2021
9 06/14/2021 06/14/2021
ten 06/15/2021 06/15/2021
11 06/21/2021 06/21/2021
12 06/22/2021 06/22/2021
13 06/28/2021 06/28/2021
14 06/29/2021 06/29/2021
15 07/05/2021 07/05/2021
16 07/06/2021 07/06/2021

What is the plot of Racket Boys?

Ra Young Ja was once a legendary badminton player, but has since retired as a professional. Hired as a coach for a badminton team in college, she never had to work harder than making her motley team of teenagers win.

Who are the actors of Racket Boys?

There will be a few familiar, but obscure faces from other Netflix Originals that star in Racket Boys:

Role Cast member Where have I seen / heard them before?
Ra Young Ja Oh Na Ra SKY Castle | Woman of dignity | Chicago Typewriter
Yoon Hae Kang Tang Jun Sang | Crash landing on you | Pluto Squad | One poem a day
TBA Kim kang hoon Mr. Queen | 18 Again | Kingdom
Yoon Hyun Jong Kim Sang Kyung The crowned clown | What Happens to My Family | The great king, Sejong
Lee han sol Lee ji won SKY Castle | Romance is a bonus book | The strange meter
Han se yoon Lee jae in Hospital Reading List | Modern farmer | Beautiful world
TBA Park Hyo Joo Chief of Staff 2 | Quiz of God: restart | The guest

How will be Racket Boys play in the odds?

Public broadcast ratings are harder to beat than cable ratings, as public broadcast recordings date back decades. It takes a special series to cross the top 50 of public broadcasting, so Racket Boys has serious competition.

SBS has a total of 10 dramas in the Top 50 list, with the top rated Sandglass at a whopping 64.5%. To beat the lowest and 50th overall, Dear sky, so Racket Boys will need exceed a rating of 44.9%.

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