Onesumore: Netflix Signs First Look Deal with Peter Berg’s Film 44

Peter Berg’s Film 44, the studio behind Netflix’s smash hit Spenser confidential, signed a first look deal with Netflix. the exciting new offer means subscribers around the world can expect more original content from the Netflix library.

In 2020, Netflix released one of its most successful originals to date, Spenser confidential, which was watched by over 85 million subscribers in the first four weeks of its release.

Peter Berg, the founder of Film 44 is currently working on a scripted drama for Netflix named Pain killer. The series entirely directed by Berg focuses on the origin of the opioid crisis.

Netflix signs first deal with Peter Bergs film 44 Mark Wahlberg Peter Berg Spenser Confidential

Spenser Confidential premiered at the Regency Village Theater in February 2020 – Copyright. Getty Images

Berg is also busy developing Colonel’s wife, another project he is about to write, produce and direct.

Brian Wright, Head of Global Offers at Netflix, said the following about the deal:

Pete Berg created the iconic television. Authentic, visceral and kinetic, Berg’s style has been elevating storytelling for years and we are proud to welcome him to Netflix.

In the past, Berg has directed, written and produced a range of films, including several multiple projects with Mark Whalberg such as Lonely survivor, Patriots Day, and Mile 22. Berg has always worked on several television projects, the most notable being Friday night lights, Ballers, and Chicago Hope.

Netflix signs first deal with Peter Bergs film 44 Mark Wahlberg Peter Berg

Mark Wahlberg (left) and Peter Berg (right) – Copyright. Vanity Fair and David Baily

Netflix Film Vice President Tendo Nagenda also said:

Pete makes films that captivate us and make us vibrate. He can give classic and beloved characters a new twist like he did with Spenser Confidential, as well as find and tell original stories that keep the world entertained. We’re so excited to have it and Film 44 officially on Netflix

It’s an exciting time in front of Netflix as we look forward to all of the future projects Peter Berg and Film 44 have in store for us.

Are you excited to see more Peter Berg and Film 44 projects on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!


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